Industrial battery Charger

EnerTech Industrial battery chargers are used for charging large battery banks and also provide DC output to the load. Enertech offers DC power systems that use the latest 6 pulse IGBT technology offering high input PF and greater efficiency.
We provide different type of battery charger like
1.IGBT Based Battery Charger
2.SCR Based Battery Charger
3.Thyrister Based Battery Charger
4.Lithium Ion Battery Charger
5.Charger Cum Discharger
EnerTech battery chargers are suitable for all types of batteries. It is also possible to charge multiple battery via a battery charger. We offer industrial quality battery chargers in amperages from 20 amps upto 800 amps, and 48, 72, 96, 110, 220, 360 and other volt output
Some customer require a charger to keep their battery. In these cases, a simple low current charger will work fine. Others require a fast and powerful charger to quickly restore battery set. Multi-bank chargers for charging multiple batteries simultaneously
Hopefully, we’ve helped you figure out which is the best charger for your application.
For most applications our industrial battery charger have proved to be a very reliable and cost-efficient solution.
EnerTech Make industrial battery charger having the long-life expectancy, compact size and low cost of ownership makes EnerTech industrial battery charger economical solutions for a wide range of applications in industry, commerce, mining, aerospace, computing and telecommunications etc.