Enertech: Remote Monitoring Unit

DesignDesigned for solar plant monitoring
Warranty2 years
I/p & O/p16 Input / Output ports
CompatibilityCompatible with RS232/RS485
InterfaceExternal interface GSM / Wifi
DataInhouse data monitoring portal
SAAS ModelsOffering on SaaS model


Enertech’s RMU monitors multiple parameters of AC, DC, KWH, Voltage, Current with graphical display for:-

  • Battery
  • Load
  • Utility
  • Inverter
  • Solar
  • Real-time information at 15-min intervals on renewable energy production, facility consumption, battery status, etc.
  • Web-based data storage with access to data from any web browser, anywhere, any time. Remote monitoring of all heterogeneous devices from multiple vendors including typical energy sources associated with a renewable energy site like DG and utility grid.
  • Framework supports Portfolio Management where multiple sites of one customer can be supervised through a single login to ease maintenance.
  • Accurate measurement of energy consumption onsite. customizable Alerts and Alarms and detailed data reporting capabilities help reduce O&M costs and maximizes the performance of your renewable energy system.
  • Representation of Greenhouse gases emissions avoided as a result of renewable energy produced.

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