Static Frequency Converter 50 Hz: 400 Hz

Range 1KVA to 3KVA
Phase 1Phase 3Phase
Display 32 bit DSP based design
VDC models Low VDC models up to 96V/120V available
Power Factor IGBT rectifier with PF 09
Frequency 50HZ: 60HZ 400Hz


Static Frequency Converter 50 Hz: 400 Hz

Are you looking for 50 Hz to 400 Hz static frequency converters? Enertech has got you covered! We are one of the leading manufacturers of single-phase as well as three-phase static frequency converters.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and multi-layered quality checks, along with the use of the latest technologies enable us to meet our clients’ needs and deliver static frequency converters for Marine,Aviation, Industry for Internal Testing, Cooling HYAC Compressor, Machine Manufacturing, Ground Power Unit (GPU) Manufacturer, Hanger Manufacturing, Defense company, CNC Machineand many other applications.

Why We Need Enertech 50Hz to 400Hz Static Frequency Converter??

Static frequency converters help convert mains power (50 Hz) to adjustable frequency(400 Hz) and voltage AC power source. They can do so to simulate the grid power system to make it compatible with any appliance, particularly the machine with an electric motor. They enable you to easily change 110V 4000Hz, 120V to 220V400Hz, 230V400Hz, 240V 400Hz and other power supply.

Frequency Conversion: It can convert energy with a frequency of 50 Hz to strength with a frequency of 400 Hz, or vice versa. This is particularly useful in situations where electrical equipment designed for one frequency needs to be operated with power of a different frequency.

Compatibility: The converter is designed to make sure compatibility between electrical devices that operate on specific frequency ranges. For example, plane and military system frequently require strength at 400 Hz, at the same time as standard power grids usually perform at 50 or 60 Hz. The converter permits using those devices in environments in which the energy frequency differs.

Precise Frequency Control: Enertech static frequency converters offer unique control over the output frequency.

Power Conditioning: The converter also acts as a power conditioner, providing a stable and clean output power.

Compact Design: Enertech static frequency converters are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them suitable for a wide range of applications where space is limited.

Efficiency: These converters are designed to be highly efficient, minimizing power losses during the conversion process.

Enertech converters often come equipped with various protection features to safeguard both the converter and the connected equipment.

Protection Features: Enertech converters regularly come prepared with various protection features to safeguard both the converter and the connected equipment.The most common applications include lab testing equipment for industrial appliances, marine, aviation, telecommunication, defense, manufacturing plant and etc.


Some features of static frequency converters include the following.

  • Isolation of input and output via an isolation transformer
  • Stabilizing the output voltage regulation up to 0.2%
  • Output frequency stabilized up to 0.01Hz
  • Variable output voltage and frequency to suit various testing purposes
  • Compact in size and hence, space-friendly

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