Solar Online UPS 1-1 Ph

Range5KVA to 600KVA
Phase1-1 | 3-1 | 3-3 Phase
Display32 bit DSP based design
ModeSelectable priority SBG/SGB
PowerFactor IGBT rectifier with PF >0.9
DesignCustom make MPPT design
IndicationInteractive front LCD to do all settings via display
MPPT ChargerHigh efficient MPPT charger
Other OptionHigher Amp Grid charger option
MonitoringRemote monitoring using GSM/RS-485


Solar Online UPS
Solar online UPS by EnerTech is a perfect solution for energy-related problems. It is equipped with advanced mechanisms that allow easy as well as proper functioning even from a distance using Ethernet/ MODBUS/ RS232/ GSM. The solar UPS inverter has a custom-made MPPT design (Maximum Power Point Tracking design) and a front display. The solar UPS caters to all the needs of various sectors and also works with maximum efficiency. In case of an error, it changes the source and keeps the output stable. The EnerTech solar UPS is the first choice of many mega industries because of its reliability, efficiency, and high-grade functioning.

Working of Solar online UPS-
Power cuts can last from a few minutes to several hours. It makes power continuity important for every sector. It prevents business loss, medical devices shut down, etc. Unlike standby generators, solar UPS provides instant electricity without affecting the power supply. The inverters help during blackouts and major power failures. You also have an option to operate the solar UPS remotely using the Ethernet/ MODBUS/ RS232/ GSM. Its range varies from 5 KVA to 600 KVA. These EnerTech solar online UPS are equipped with an inbuilt galvanic isolation transformer for smooth functioning even in extreme conditions.

It can work on different phases like 1-1, 3-1, 3-3, along with a selectable priority of SGB and DGB. The front LCD monitoring option shows frequency, current, status percentage, voltage, etc. EnerTech Solar UPS is an IGBT Based Solar Online UPS with an IGBT grid charger and capacity of more than 100 AMP with parallel configuration. The solar online UPS also has a battery backup. There are various battery buffer settings of 25%, 50%, and 75%. It is designed in such a way that it senses solar power and grid power and thereby selects charging through solar power and automatically switches to grid power in the unavailability of solar energy. The solar UPS has a pure sine wave output with a low THD. It is an MPPT based solar UPS with DSP technology.

The EnerTech Solar Online UPS has a self-consumption rate of less than 4% and, the chargers peak frequency is more than 90%. It has a double inverter capacity which depends on the battery charging current. The Solar UPS has various remarkable features which act as an added benefit when compared with other UPS. The charging efficiency is near 94% which increases up to 98% and also, supports LMLA, VRLA, SMF, Ni-Cd. The charging Profile can be configured, according to the battery’s requirement. These solar UPS are not only for industrial purposes but can also be used for household purposes. Due to its size, it can be kept in any part of the house. It is safe to use in houses and small places because of load handling capacity.

Why EnerTech Solar Online UPS?
The Solar Online UPS by Enertech is approved by MNRE and is one of the leading solar inverter suppliers of not only in India but also in other countries like South Africa, UAE, etc. EnerTech provides customizable options and other user-friendly benefits to its customers. It is one of the most advanced and suitable Solar UPS, which can be used in all sectors as well as for household purposes. The inverter provides multiple functions at the best price.

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