IOT Based Servo Voltage Stabilizer Single Phase

Range1KVA to 20KVA
Phase1 Phase
DisplayDSP based design
monitoringFirst in the industry with IOT based monitoring
IsolationTransformer based for complete isolation
ControlMODBUS control so that user can set parameter
OperationLCD display for easy recording & accuracy
Input RangeWide range 170V – 270V




A servo voltage stabilizer is a stabilizer that constantly monitors the output voltage and controls variations in the input voltage by the movements of a motor. In other words, it automatically regulates the voltage. This motor decides the output voltage on the transformer. It is considered to be a cheap and good voltage stabilizer. This is a perfect solution to protect the appliances from voltage fluctuations. Enertech India the leader in Single-Phase voltage stabilizer manufacturers, offers advanced microcontroller-based voltage stabilizers.


A stabilizer is highly important for optimum performance of any electrical or electronic equipment that maintains input mains voltage stability. A fluctuation, be it a high voltage or low voltage can prove harmful on voltage-sensitive devices. Hence, a solution has been identified by air-cooled servo stabilizer manufacturers that will guarantee that the voltage will be under the safety limits. The stabilizer ensures that the load is operated within safety limits and machines operate at a better efficiency avoiding losses.

Enertech is the premier single-phase air-cooled voltage stabilizer manufacturers in Pune offers specially designed solutions. These solutions are created using the advanced microcontroller in which the voltage stabilizer provides precise and accurate correction with a feature of auto-calibration. As innovative servo stabilizer manufacturers in India, we have been employing an instant response system using a feedback mechanism to enhance the correction of automatic voltage stabilizers.


Enertech as leading servo stabilizer manufacturers based in Pune offers stabilizers that have user-friendly keypads and dashboard status to read input and output parameters. These voltage stabilizers are indigenously manufactured and supplied in Mumbai and Pune.

We have been the servo stabilizer manufacturer who offers technologically enhanced and important indication features like mains ON, overload, over-voltage, under-voltage trip, output ON, and single phasing.

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We have been accredited as one of the best voltage stabilizer manufacturers, for voltage stabilizers having features like

  • The stabilizer offers rugged, smooth as well as high-speed voltage correction
  • It has a user-friendly dashboard and 97% high efficiency
  • The designed is based on Microcontroller
  • It has a quick response time of 10 sec
  • This voltage stabilizer has phase reversal, short circuit, and overload protection.
  • Also equipped with manual adjustment of voltage using a potentiometer and a high regulation up to +/-0.5%
  • These stabilizers are small and compact in size.


Range1 KVA to 25KVA
Input Voltage170 V to 270V, 1 Phase, 50Hz, Unbalance
Input frequency47 Hz TO 53 Hz
Output Voltage230V ± 1%, 1 Phase, 50Hz, Balance
Voltage Regulation± 1%
MotorizationAC Motor
EfficiencyBetter Than 98%
CoolingAir Cooled
Waveform distortionNil
Rate of CorrectionsUsually 25V/Sec/Phase but depends on rating.
O/P Voltage Adjustmentby means of Potential Meter
ControlsAuto / Manual.
Protection /Specification
  • Under voltage cutoff
  • Over voltage cutoff
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Single phase preventer
  • Phase reversal
IndicationMains ON, O/P ON, O/V, U/V Single Phasing Trip.


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