IGBT Based Battery Charger

DisplayDSP based design
monitoringFirst in the industry with IOT based monitoring
IsolationTransformer based for complete isolation
ControlMODBUS control so that user can set parameter
OperationLCD display for easy recording & accuracy

IGBT-based battery charger Battery chargers play an important role in ensuring the optimum life and performance of industrial storage batteries. Enertech chargers have been doing the job tirelessly in various power plants, substations, steel mills, refineries, petrochemicals, cement plants, oil and gas pipelines, telephone exchanges, and many other industries for the past 30 years.

The main function of the industrial battery charger is to provide a constant DC load and charge the battery bank according to the user’s requirement. In the event of failure of the main AC supply, the battery bank supplies the constant and emergency D.C load.

The AC power to DC power conversion element is usually configured in the system from a thyristor or switch-mode technology depending on the application, criticality, and space availability. Thyristor-based systems are very robust and suitable for the most demanding environmental and operational conditions.

Safety and Protection

Surge / undervoltage stop
• Overvoltage protection
• Protection against phase failure

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