Industrial UPS

Range5KVA to 600KVA
Phase3-3 Phase
Display32 bit DSP based design
ModeMulti modes working SBG/SGB/Export/Batteryless
PowerFactor IGBT rectifier with PF >0.9
InteractiveInteractive front LCD to do all settings via display
ControlMODBUS control for handshaking
RedundancyParalleling option
MonitoringRemote monitoring using GSM/RS-485


Have you been looking for eco-friendly Industrial UPS that provides an uninterrupted power supply system? EnerTech Group is a leading Industrial UPS manufacturers in India, offering exceptional product 1-1 | 3-1 | 3-3 Ph UPS with IGBT based charger to match Input power factor as close as 0.99 and less than 5% input current harmonics.

EnerTech UPS offers premium levels of power requirement with an uninterrupted power supply system and protection against all the input power-related problems. It also provides regenerated, clean, network-grade, high-quality power to the connected loads. The features of this Industrial UPS in India are a wide input voltage window, long backup capability, and high inrush current delivery.

With an IGBT-based charger, this range of UPS has a power factor of a whopping 0.9 &> whereas it is just 0.7 in an SCR-based UPS. Because of having a power factor correction function which is relatively higher-priced; the new series of 3 phase online UPS helps to save up to 40% more power which in turn leads to large savings during its period of use. The low Power factor is the main problem in any 3 phase online UPS which is overcome by Enertech UPS by using IGBT-based charger technology. Now IGBT based technology is a boon to 3 phase online UPS manufacturers in India. EnerTech UPS has more than 30 years of experience in Industrial UPS manufacturing and is popular in online UPS suppliers.

An additional and unique feature of this 3 phase online UPS is that it can handle high inrush currents without voltage and waveform imbalance. It has become an ideal choice at places where non-linear loads are used. Enertech UPS is a leading 3 phase online UPS manufacturer of higher KVA and is generator compatible while providing the better utility of generator capacity and input-output power transformer resulting in an uninterrupted power supply system.

Enertech UPS comes with galvanic isolation via transformer providing a continuous and uninterrupted power supply system. These transformers eliminate problems associated with common mode noise, neutral and earth potential drifts which cause irreparable loss. Enertech supplies 3 phase online UPS in India from its offices located in Mumbai and Pune. Enertech is manufacturing Industrial ups in the HTXi series and one of the pioneers in the field of 3 phase online ups manufacturing. Our HTXi  UPS is suitable for Indian Power Conditions to make it the best choice.

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