Online UPS 3-1 Ph

Range5KVA to 40KVA
Phase 3-1 Phase
Display32 bit DSP based design
PowerFactor IGBT rectifier with PF >0.9
InteractiveInteractive front LCD to do all settings via display
ControlMODBUS control for handshaking
RedundancyParalleling option
MonitoringRemote monitoring using GSM/RS-485



Enertech group one of the popular online UPS manufacturers provides Online UPS to solve energy problems. With its offices in Pune, Enertech products range from online UPS, inverters, solar PCU and other customized products.

Enertech Online UPS solutions are designed and developed using double conversion technology. These indigenously manufactured machines are known for high performance and high quality standards and are preferred all over India.

Enertech is one of the 3-1 phase online UPS suppliers who provide solutions needed to protect computers, data processing and telecommunication, medical diagnosis, for sensitive and critical processing units and so on. Being one of the premier online UPS manufacturers, we provide machines to defence and other government institutions. The company is approved under DGS&D rate contract India, which is applicable for the purchase of UPS for government institutions.

The company offers inbuilt IGBT based rectifier to provide active input power factor correction with i/p PF up to 0.99 and with less than 10% input current harmonics. Also provides continuous backup and the online UPS acts as power conditioner thereby reducing the electricity bills for the customers. These features make Enertech Group one of the most desirable Online UPS Suppliers in India.

This leading name among the online UPS manufacturers brings solutions with built-in galvanic isolation via transformers. The transformer eliminates the problems associated with common mode noise, neutral, phase reversal and earth potential drifts which can cause irrecoverable loss. We are among those Indian online UPS suppliers with the capability to offer customized power solutions as per customer requirements and site conditions.


Enertech known as the leaders of online UPS manufacturers presents Online UPS 3-1 Phase Model with some of the ideal features like

  • Charger Electrical Vehicle
  • Double conversion technology is used in this model
  • A Low input current distortion level with high efficiency
  • Advanced network and mobile connectivity
  • Active/passive harmonic filter at the UPS input.
  • Have an active input power factor correction
  • Have got a built-in galvanic isolation transformer for reducing the common mode noise.
  • IGBT based design for reduced power consumption
  • Has Hot standby UPS and load sharing mode for 24×7 operation
  • Have SNMP/MODBUS connectivity
  • Rugged Design
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Suitable for places with huge variation in grid supply
  • High reliability
  • Long Life
  • Ideal for High DC


DC Voltage350 – 460 V
Input Frequency50.0 Hz (±3% )
Input Power Factor0.8 to 0.9
Output Voltage
Nominal Output Voltage230.0 ± 2%
Wave formPure Sinewave
Frequency50 Hz (± 0.5%)
Crest Factor3:1
Inverter TechnologyDouble conversion, Microprocessor based IGBT, PWM Technology
Overload Capacity125% for 60 sec, 150% for 10 sec
Change Over Time0 sec
Nominal Battery Voltage VDC240 / 360V
TypeSealed Maintenance Free (SMF-VRLA) / Lead Acid -Tubular
ProtectionDC over, DC under, Short Circuit, Overload, AC under, AC over
LCD & LEDMains ON, UPS ON, Battery Percentage, Load Percentage, AC under, DC under, AC over, Overload
MeteringInput V , Output V , Input Frequency , DC V , Batt I , Input I , Output I
Efficiency> 90% to 93% (typical)
Noise (above ambient)< 50 db at 1 mtr
CoolingForced Air Cooling
CommunicationRS 232 / GSM


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