Lithium-Ion Battery Charging

Range 1KVA to 20KVA
Phase 1 Phase and 3 Phase
Display DSP based design
monitoring First in the industry with IOT based monitoring
Isolation Transformer based for complete isolation
Control MODBUS control so that user can set parameter
Operation LCD display for easy recording & accuracy
Input Range Wide range 170V – 270V


Lithium-ion batteries have a much higher energy density, making them the available choice for heavy equipment batteries, stacks, forklifts, AGVs, robots, etc.

Enertech started developing lithium-ion battery chargers a few years ago. We are one of the best manufacturers of Lithium Ion Battery Chargers. We have provided 24V , 30V , 48V , 110V, 220V , 360V and 20A upto 1000A.

The advantages of Li-ion technology mean that these batteries are finding an increasing number of applications, and a great deal of development is being invested in them as a result.


Lithium-ion battery charging solutions typically have a range of features that make them suitable for a variety of applications. Here are some of the key features that are often found in lithium-ion battery chargers:

High charging efficiency: Lithium-ion battery chargers are designed to be highly efficient, minimizing energy loss and reducing charging time.

Advanced charging algorithms: The chargers use advanced algorithms to optimize the charging process and ensure that the battery is charged safely and quickly. These algorithms take into account factors such as battery temperature, state of charge, and battery age.

Battery management system (BMS) integration: The chargers are designed to work seamlessly with the battery management system, providing real-time feedback on the battery’s performance and ensuring the safety of the charging process.

Safety features: Lithium-ion battery charging solutions incorporate a range of safety features such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature monitoring to ensure the safety of the charging process.

User-friendly interfaces: The chargers are designed to be user-friendly, with digital displays, status indicators, and control buttons that make them easy to operate and monitor.

Fast charging: Lithium-ion battery chargers are capable of charging batteries quickly, allowing for rapid turnaround times and minimal downtime.

Multiple charging modes: Some lithium-ion battery chargers may offer multiple charging modes to accommodate different battery chemistries and charging requirements.

Customization: Many lithium-ion battery chargers can be customized to meet specific customer requirements, such as output voltage, charging current, and charging time.

Overall, lithium-ion battery charging solutions are designed to provide reliable, efficient, and safe charging for a wide range of applications.

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