SCR Based Battery Charger

Range 24V/30V/48V/110V/220V/360V
Display DSP based design
monitoring First in the industry with IOT based monitoring
Isolation Transformer based for complete isolation
Control MODBUS control so that user can set parameter
Operation LCD display for easy recording & accuracy
Input Range Wide range 170V – 270V


Enertech UPS is the top industrial battery charger manufacturing company in india. Or the last 30 years, provides a variety of standards as well customized DC power solutions for all types of power Station, distribution and industrial applications.

  • 30 years in Business Power
  • Innovative research and development designs
  • Approved by Leading Engineering Consultants
  • It specializes in standard and customized DC power solutions
  • Supplied India’s Largest Rated Charger for Power Plant
  • Modern Manufacturing Facility
  • Exports to over 21 countries
  • All sales and service networks in India
  • An ISO 9001 Company

Enertech produces a wide range of DC power systems of use in the industrial market sector for providing a DC uninterruptible supply in conjunction with batteries to 24 V, 48 V, 110 V, 125 V, 220 V, 360 V critical loads.

The range of the DC system is generally the norm designed to provide robust, reliable, and efficient system power solutions for critical loads to prevent expensive Outages.

This type of power supply system is widely used in operating environments difficult to find the generation and distribution of energy, oil, and gas, industrial and onshore or offshore tools petrochemical applications.

Enertech offers a variety of standard DC power systems based on battery charger products. DC power solutions can be customized to suit most
asking for the client’s will. Enertech is famous for its technical expertise and manufacturing capacity to provide the optimum solution.


The thyristor-controlled rectifier unit is designed for a 3-phase input and constructed with a fully- controlled 3-phase bridge circuit. A connection is made to the main AC power source through the contactor in the rectifier unit input. A soft-start facility prevents high-voltage transients from being passed through to the loads at the time of switch-on. the load is electrically separated from the input isolation transformer. The thyristor set is protected through a fast-acting semiconductor fuse. The CMU103T central control unit is responsible for the operation and supervision of rectifier units.

In the absence offer thyristors, monitors, components of the rectifier unit. A separate microcontroller unit manages the measurements, alarms, notifications, etc. Provides digital monitoring facilities and can be connected to a computer using MODBUS. Proprietary software is available to monitor the charger remotely.

Battery Charger Configurations:

The rectifier must be designed in such a way that it is able to supply the load and, at the same time, the battery should be able to boost charge, even in a completely exhausted condition. When the main AC power fails, the battery will run out uninterrupted and unloaded overload any switching operation. Different schemes, which are usually used depending on the criticality site load and requirements.

According to different Enertech battery chargers, are the standard offerings. A separate operation table provided, describes the functioning of each schematic under different operating conditions.


Standard Features offered:
  • Overload and short-circuit electronic protection
  • Very good time response for the step load
  • Very high efficiency
  • Temperature compensation of battery charging voltage
  • Programmable charging curves
  • Embedded controller with
  • ARM Cortex-M3 processor
  • RS485 interface for remote monitoring
  • 6 pulse / 12 pulse / 24 pulse charger designs
  • Alarms with annunciation windows
  • Alarm and system monitoring schemes
  • Charger and battery redundancy schemes
  • Customer-specific distribution
  • Battery monitoring
  • Configurable remote alarms


1. Single Float Cum Boost Charger
2. Float Charger + Float Cum Boost Charger
3. Dual Float Cum Boost Charger- Single Battery -Single load
4. Dual Float cum Boost charger – Two Battery – Single load
5. Dual Float cum Boost charger – Two Battery – Two load

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