Industrial UPS: HTXi

Range 5KVA to 600KVA
Phase 1-1, 3-1, 3-3 Phase (Input/Output)
Display 32 bit DSP based design
Mode Multi modes working SBG/SGB/Export/Batteryless
Input IGBT with PF >0.9
With IGBT rectifier upto unity
With SCR upto 0.8
With APFC upto 0.95
Interactive Interactive front LCD to do all settings via display
Control MODBUS control for handshaking
Redundancy Paralleling option/Hot Standby with bypass
Monitoring Remote monitoring using GSM/RS-485


Have you been looking for eco-friendly Industrial UPS that provides an uninterrupted power supply system?

EnerTech Group is a leading Industrial UPS manufacturers in India, offering exceptional product 1-1 | 3-1 | 3-3 Ph UPS with IGBT based charger to match Input power factor upto 0.99 and and upto < 3% input current harmonics (THDi). This results in high efficiency system , with less distortion and no pollution of grid supply .

EnerTech UPS offers premium levels of power requirement with an uninterrupted power supply system and protection against all the input power-related problems. It also provides regenerated, clean, network-grade, high-quality power to the connected loads. The features of this Industrial UPS in India are a wide input voltage window, long backup capability, and high inrush current delivery.

The entire product range is manufactured using 32 bit DSP chip for PWM generation, control logic, monitoring & annunciations by use of SMD components . Assembly /testing of PCB & power components is designed to reduce spurious noise issues , achieve compliance of IEC / IS standards & CE safety standards .

A separate DSP is used for LCD / RMU interface for user friendly prompt messages and parameter settings required by the user. This is related to battery configuration , load variations , input variations and prompts for restarting UPS when site variations occur. (ie- load/battery/earthing , etc).

The entire manufacturing design is made to avoid noise , CONVENIENCE in replacement of PCB & power components. The enclosure is designed for IP 20 and upto IP 55 for harsh environmental condition; specific environment cabinet designs can be done based on the customer’s needs .

The friendly LCD prompts for initial settings/errors is easy to adapt & to MAINTAIN/SET RIGHT/assemble/TEST/upgrade and with minimum training . All connections of mains / battery / load can be done without opening the UPS .

Types of Industrial Online UPS:
1. Standalone UPS: Ensuring Reliability at Every Step
2. Parallel Redundant UPS: Redefining Reliability and Resilience (N+1Redundant UPS)
3. Hot Standby UPS: Minimizing Downtime, Maximizing Productivity

Enertech is manufacturing these Industrial UPS in the HTXi series . It is one of the pioneers in the field of 3 phase online ups manufacturing. These HTXi UPS is suitable for Indian Power Conditions to make it the best choice. The design can cater to higher rating battery backups .

Enertech supplies 3 phase online UPS in India from its factory located in Pune for applications required by high demanding applications like data centers, SCADA/PLC, etc


Unbeatable Industrial Online UPS features:

  1. True online double conversion technology for seamless power protection.
  2. Wide range of input voltage and frequency for compatibility with many business environments.
  3. High efficiency to minimize power consumption and reduce labor costs.
  4. Low harmonic distortion for easy power supply to sensitive industrial equipment.
  5. Robust manufacturing and advanced temperature management for durability and reliability.
  6. Scalable and flexible configurations to meet different energy needs.
  7. Hot-swappable battery modules for clean maintenance and reduced downtime.
  8. An advanced battery management gadget for optimal overall battery performance and durability.
  9. Parallel redundancy for increased reliability and fault tolerance.
  10. Remote monitoring and control capability for proactive maintenance.
  11. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) for strong output voltage law.
  12. Overload and fast circuit protection to protect your gadget from damage.
  13. Cold start function for US power supply without software electricity.
  14. LCD display panel to monitor UPS fame and parameters in real time.
  15. Modbus verbal exchange protocol for integration with industrial handling structures.
  16. User-friendly interface for easy operation and configuration.
  17. Audible and visual alarms for immediate notification of electrical anomalies.
  18. Support SNMP cards for remote monitoring and control over the network.
  19. High MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) for increased reliability and uptime.
  20. Compliance with corporate standards and certifications for world-class security and protection.


DC Voltage 350 – 460 V
Input Frequency 50.0 Hz (±3% )
Input Power Factor 0.8 to 0.9
Output Voltage
Nominal Output Voltage 380 / 400 / 415 ± 2%
Waveform Pure Sinewave
Frequency 50 Hz (± 0.5%)
THD 3%
Crest Factor 3:1
Inverter Technology Double conversion, Microprocessor based IGBT, PWM Technology
Overload Capacity 125% for 60 sec, 150% for 10 sec
Change Over Time 0 sec
Nominal Battery Voltage VDC 240 / 360V
Type Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF-VRLA) / Lead Acid -Tubular
Protection DC over, DC under, Short Circuit, Overload, AC under, AC over
LCD & LED Mains ON, UPS ON, Battery Percentage, Load Percentage, AC under, DC under, AC over, Overload
Metering Input V, Output V, Input Frequency, DC V, Batt I, Input I, Output I
Efficiency > 90% to 93% (typical)
Noise (above ambient) < 50 dB at 1 mtr
Cooling Forced Air Cooling
Communication RS 232 / GSM


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Hemant Kumar
Hemant Kumar
One of the best quality product..we have installed 175kwp solar power plant in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh, where we have used 125kva/360v pcu and we are verg much satisfied with the quality and the service provided by their engineer Mr Ajit ji.
Avinash Mishra
Avinash Mishra
Best after sales support by the Enertech UPS pvt ltd our all site's of there phase working properly on last five years Service provide by Mr. Dinesh paswan
VCCM “Pankaj” Gomati
VCCM “Pankaj” Gomati
Enertech Hybrid Solar Inverter 5KW installed in our District Vaccine Store. Its working very good. And services also very good and prompt responsive from Service Engineer (Er. ajit Kumar) . He checked very well while visiting time in my DVS he worked as per our requirement. We are happy with their services. Thanks VCCM O/o the Cmo Gomati Tepania GOMATI Tripura 799114.
Samresh singh
Samresh singh
Mr. Ajit Kumar successful installed 25kva/240volt pcu at our sishumara bsf camp BOP Assam. Provide Excellent service on his guidance...
prosen saikia
prosen saikia
Shri Ajit Kumar, Service Engineer installed 25 kva Solar Plant at Sastarghat gaon and provided Good Quality products and service is excellent.
Vipin Kumar
Vipin Kumar
Good product Excellent performance I have some issues in my solar system Mr raju singh visited the site resolve the problem. Raju singh Good eng Thanks raju ji & enertech