EnerTech: Balance of System

Rating1KW to 300KW
Switch GearACDB with high quality switchgear
Metering FeatureACDB with metering feature
SPDSPD used according requirement type 2/1+2
DesignDesign/Documentations available
FusesAJB using latest semiconductor fuses
CabinetIP-65 cabinet
DC ProtectionSPD used for DC surge protection
Provided RequestDC watt-meter provided on request


Enertech is driven with the objective of enriching customers with clean, reliable and interrupt-free power with the use of both conventional and non-conventional sources of energy. The company began its operation in 1990 with the pursuit of offering and rendering solutions with relation to energy challenges. The company has got a highly skilled technical unit with which it has been able to build up a strong and solid manufacturing setup.

Protection in Load AC side in times of power failures is provided by AC distribution box (ACDB). It comprises of breaker, isolators, current and voltage monitoring, etc. It can provide surge protection besides ensuring optimum protection to the sophisticated electronic equipment.

One of the fundamental functions of the ACDB Box is eliminating the load operation at the immediate PCU O/P end along with providing flexible operation of various loads like general home, office lights or Street lights and optional loads operating optionally.

In big solar PV power plants where a number of inverters are there ACDB is replaced and ACCB is used in its place. ACCB possesses one MCCB for each inverter and a master MCCB at the outgoing part. Virtually, all the features that are present on ACDB are very much there in ACCB’s as well.

ACCBs generally find its use in grid connected/ grid tied / on-grid solar power plants. AJB or the Array Junction Box provides with an estimate of the amount of energy that can be used or withdrawn from that of the solar power plant. In case there is some fault on course of failure in DC side, DCDB/AJB is used for the purpose of protecting the system irrespective of it being Solar Panels or batteries.

It is an integral and significant aspect of the SPV system for it is desirable that there is enough protection in DC side. In order to switch off the system while a fault occurs, there exists an Isolator/Breaker for immediately switching off the system. Also, there exists a meter that gives precise information regarding the current and voltage.

Moreover, it has also got surge protection for saving the system from surges caused owing to fault and/or phenomena such as lightning and others. ACDB has a design life of 25 years and is built for operating in indoor conditions. It can be mounted on a wall as well as there is perfectly a provision for such arrangement.

ACBD’s operating temperature is between -10 to 55 degree Celsius. The AJB (Array Junction Box) also have a design life of 25 years. It’s maximum DC Input is 1000V. Its number of DC Inputs range between 2-16 while the number of DC Output is 1.

The number of terminal blocks is 2 to 34. It’s Operating Condition is between -20 degree to 55 degree Celsius. It can furnish both short-circuit as well as surge protection depending on the requirement. Like ACDB it can be mounted on a wall too.

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