EnerBat Solar Battery

Range 150Ah, 200Ah, 260Ah
Type Lied Acid/Ni-Cd/Lithium
Availability Yes
Voltage 12v/2v

EnerBat introducing inverter / Solar heat sealed range of tubular stationary future generating batteries with almost maintenance free characteristics.

Solar battery energy storage solution that can be used with an off-grid and hybrid solar system. It is sometimes referred to as a solar battery storage, solar power battery, or solar panel battery. To offer power backup, solar batteries are made to link with a solar charger controller or solar inverter.

Types of Solar Battery

Tall Tubular Solar Battery (Lead Acid)
Lithium-ion Solar Battery (LiFePO4)




Specially mixed corrosion resistant alloy for spines & grids Tubular gauntlets of high brushing strength with high performance for positive plates.

  • Specially made wave ribbed P E Separator.
  • Electrolyte volume Per AH is very much higher than ordinary Tubular batteries.
  • Almost maintenance free battery.

Specially designed vent plugs with level indicators to trap water loss



All types of Solar power generating systems

O UPS System
O Domestics Invertors
O Hospitals
O Lobs
O Hotels
O Mobile Phone Stations & Transmitters.


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