Solar Energy Storage System

Range 1KVA to 3KVA
Phase 1Phase 3Phase
Display 32 bit DSP based design
VDC models Low VDC models up to 96V/120V available
Power Factor IGBT rectifier with PF 09
Frequency 50HZ: 60HZ 400Hz


The EnerGen series is the set of intelligent Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) built using the best in class Lithium Ion phosphate (LFP) / Lithium Ion battery for the maximum Safety, reliability and longevity. EnerGen contains built inverter and MPPTs, allowing DC Charging from Solar power in addition to AC charging from grid or any other AC Source.The System is modular or external and easily expandable by adding power or energy module in step of 5kWto upto 300KW to create the system size of your need.With its compact design and “plug & play”. Architecture, EnertechEner-Gen is an ideal choice for the residential and small commercial power backup application.

Our solar energy storage systems provide enough energy to run heavy-duty appliances. These energy storage systems are grid-synchronized storage-based solar energy systems that enable comprehensive power use. In addition, they enable you to store electricity per the time of the day and transport it to the grid during lean periods.



  • Operates Heavy Loads: Our solar energy storage systems operate heavy loads during outages. These can be used to power shops, small offices, farmhouses, villas, etc., and can sustain an AC load of up to 1.5 tons.
  • Wi-Fi/GPS-Enabled Remote Monitoring: The system offers 4G-enabled Wi-Fi and GPRS options. It enables monitoring and simultaneous control through an intuitive mobile application.
  • Modular Design: The system features a vertically integrable modular design that allows modular expandability. Besides, it is compact and has a stackable design.
  • Reduced Footprint: Our energy storage system is a straightforward plug-and-play solution with a minimal footprint, an in-built battery, and reduced installation effort.
  • Grid Synchronization: The system is designed for efficient grid synchronization and hence suitable for net-metering applications. Additionally, it has a built-in time-of-day feature and doesn’t require additional export control.
  • Scheduling: The solar energy storage system has various scheduling features like programmable time-based schedules, charge inhibition, forced-islanding, sleep mode, load following, and export control. Besides, you can control all the schedules remotely.
  • Ratings:5KW to 300Kw


Choose the best and reap optimal returns! Connect with Enertech for efficient solar energy storage systems. Please email us at to learn more about our solar energy storage systems.

Key product features and benefits

Safe and reliable.

■IP54 Enclosure safe and reliable operation in outdoor environment.

■An integrated system with a standard PCS and battery module makes capacity extension, installation, and maintenance simple.

■PV and diesel generators are easily accessible, and clever multi-energy management is used.

Efficient and convenient

  • An integrated system with a standard PCS and battery module makes capacity extension, installation, and maintenance simple.
  • PV and diesel generators are easily accessible, and intelligent multi-energy management is used.
  • Fixed on the ground, can be loaded and unloaded by forklift and hoisted by lifting ring.
  • Plug & play operation.

Cost optimization

■Manage the energy cost ,Peak shaving, backup power supply, microgrid ,power quality improving  and energy storage,etc.

■Plug & play, less space and installation cost.

■Long cycle life, low failure rate, reduce operation and maintenance investment.



A bidirectional AC/DC converter is an incredible technology that enables both DC to AC and AC to DC conversion. It’s like a battery charger that can effortlessly switch between different energy forms to meet your needs, and it can supply power to the load or feed back to the power grid.

Battery System

The system primarily consists of lithium iron phosphate cells, which are secure, effective, and long-life. Cells are connected in series to create battery modules, and numerous modules are connected in series to create battery clusters.

Battery Management System

The core components of the system can effectively protect the battery from overcharge, over discharge and  over-current. The safe, dependable, and effective operation of the entire system can be guaranteed by the balanced management of the cells at the same time.

Power Management System

Monitoring system operation data, managing operation strategies, keeping historical data records, keeping track of system state, etc.


Protection degree IP54

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is configured to maintained an optimal temperature to maximize energy system operational life and efficiency.

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