Solar Pump Controller

Range5KVA to 600KVA
Warranty2 years
AvailabilityYesPhase3 Phase
Display32 bit DSP based design
ModeMulti modes working SBG/SGB/Export/Batteryless
Power FactorIGBT rectifier with PF >0.9
DesignCustomized MPPT design
IndicationInteractive front LCD to do all settings via display
ControlMODBUS control for handshaking
RedundancyParalleling option
MonitoringRemote monitoring using GSM/RS-485

Enertech UPS Pvt Ltd, Pune is a one of the fastest developing company to manufacturing of drive-base Solar Pump Controller since last 15 year.

Solar Pump System contain Photovoltaic Panel, Electronic Device and AC Motor. Electronic Device is a combination of Inverter, MPPT and VFD. It help to the generated power from PV and converts in required form for AC Motor.

The individuals of Enertech have made a guarantee to deliver the highest quality of Solar Pump Controller. The company has expertise to manufacturing in all range of solar pump controller for single phase as well as 3 phase.

With the in house facility of R&D, we provided more than 3000+ quantities of Solar Pump Controller in Indian Market and 1500+ to out of India. We are additionally giving a Hybrid facility in to the controller.


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