Solar Off Grid and Solar Hybrid Inverters

A hybrid inverter is a combination of a solar inverter/charger and a battery inverter/charger. These inverters can be used to allow energy ‘load shifting’ or self-use. This allows you to store off-peak or solar energy in a battery that can be used at peak times. The Key Benefits of a Hybrid Sun Inverter
1. Constant Power Supply
2. The optimal use of renewable resources
3. Low maintenance
How It Work?
Before you can understand how a hybrid inverter works, it is important to understand the principles of a solar converter. It is an essential part of the solar energy system.
The solar inverter converts PV panels’ energy into electricity that you can use in your home. The solar panels, or PV panels, of a solar energy system capture the sun’s energy. Photons are tiny packets of energy that make up the sunlight. These photons are captured by PV panels and converted into electrical energy.
It is now the job of an inverter, to convert the electricity into usable form. To do this, it uses Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors. IGBTs can be described as solid-state devices. They allow current to pass through them. They are also durable and don’t consume too much energy.
A transformer can be divided into two halves. The primary side of a transformer is the first. This is the side where the current enters. The secondary side, on the other hand is called the secondary side. This side is where you will find the current exits.
The hybrid solar system is a combination of on-grid and off-grid systems. This system allows you to be connected to the utility grid while also providing enough backup power to your home in case of blackouts. Hybrid solar systems offer all the benefits of grid-tied systems but also provide power backup in case of power outage. On grid solar systems shut down when there is no power.
The following components make up a hybrid solar system:
1. Solar Panels
3. Charge Controller
4. Hybrid Inverter
6. Batteries
The Key Benefits of Solar Installation for Your Home or Business
1. It Lowers Your Electricity Cost
2. It is making you more environment-friendly
3. It requires very little to no maintenance
4. It increases the sustainability of energy
5. It is safer than the energy current today
6. It offers tax credits, rebates, and other benefits
Below is a list of the top brands 1-Phase hybrid inverters and 3-phase hybrid inverters in India, ranging from 5kVA to 600kVA.
Top 3 Solar Inverters India’s Best 2022
1. Enertech UPS
2. Fuji
3. Statcon
Yes, studies have shown that solar hybrid inverter reduce the cost of Electricity, DG Set and Batteries and Increase the accountability like
1. Get Free Electricity
2. Export extra power generation to grid
3. Reduce the cost of DG
4. Eco Friendly Environment