Yet Again, Enertech Makes a Mark in Field of Energy Solutions

Enertech is a proud family of 20000 plus customers which has been trying to solve and provide cost effective energy solutions since 1989. Innovation and customer delight are the two parameters which drives them to serve their customers. The company has been recognized on various significant platforms, from time to time for its innovative energy solutions.

As per the Technical Head of the company, following are the various energy solutions that the company offers currently in the market:-

Sun Magic+ is the trade name of the solar PCU manufactured and marketed by Enertech. It is a state of the art product which is compliant with the global industrial standards. It offers operational flexibility to its customers.

Enertech is one of the few servo stabilizer manufacturers in India which is compliant with the global industry standards. It is designed to constantly monitor the output voltage as well as control the variations in the input voltage with the help of the movement of the motor.

  • Industrial Inverter

Industrial Inverter manufactured by Enertech has become a gold standard for Inverter Industry. With the increase in the incidents of shutdown and power shortage, Industrial Inverters have become an essential energy aid at multiple places like manufacturing plants, offices, malls, multistoried buildings etc.

Enertech is also known as the most efficient UPS manufacturers in India. With its offices in Pune and Mumbai, it distributes the online UPS to solve the energy problems in PAN India.

Enertech also manufactures Maximum Power Point Tracking which is nothing but an algorithm to include charge controllers in order to extract maximum available power.

Enertech is known for its remote monitoring unit that helps big manufacturing houses, public and government buildings in managing their energy distribution. The product is compliant as per the international standards.

Along with the above mentioned products, the Technical Head added that, lately it has expanded its portfolio by including the energy solutions that works on clean energy or the renewable source of energy. Some of these products are as follows:-

  • Solar system for hospitals
  • Solar setup for petrol pumps
  • Solar energy solutions for home and offices
  • Solar energy solutions for defense in remote areas
  • Solar energy solutions for villages

As per the Operations Head of the company, the company along with installation of the energy solutions, also supports the setup in form of annual maintenance contracts where in the company ensures that the energy solution setup works exactly as it should be by rectifying and repairing the issue there and then.

As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, it provides training to young budding talent, in order make them eligible to innovate for the next generation energy solutions. It also recruits some of the best talent from the group.

So get in touch with the sales team to know how they can help you with energy solutions.

About the Company
Enertech is a professionally managed customer centric company, serving the society with innovative energy solutions since 1989. It has a huge list of 8000 plus valuable customers. Their in house research and development department helps them come up with innovative energy solutions that are efficient in energy production and low on cost. It continues to add value to the society with its energy solutions.
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