Enertech Ups Pvt. Ltd. has been recognized as an ‘In-House Research and development Unit’ by ‘DSIR’

We are pleased to share that Enertech Ups Pvt. Ltd. (EUPL) has been recognized as ‘In-House Research and development Unit’ by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.

Innovation and client-centric are the rules that guide all innovative work endeavors at EnerTech ups Pvt. Ltd. This empowers us to manufacture products that persistently improve the worth of our client’s organizations.

Enertech has some expertise in solving energy-related problems of its clients by offering cost-effective and reliable power solutions. Enertech takes pride & invest heavily in understanding need of the customers beyond their addressable requirements.

Enertech UPS Pvt. Ltd. provides a comprehensive wide range of power management solutions including solar hybrid Inverter, Solar UPS, Online UPS, Industrial UPS, Industrial Battery Charger cum Discharger, Static Frequency Converter.

Our Research and Development Center is a hub for theoretical research and technical innovation in the Solar & Power Industry, and we make consistent speculations to redesign our Research and development framework.

The EUPL R&D lab demonstrates various technologies, products, and solutions for power distribution utilities and how these technologies are helping in providing improved connectivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, allowing reliability of a higher magnitude — that is both sustainable and scalable to consumers. Our self-conviction is improved by this honor, and we promise you that we will put forth more attempts in the future too.