Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid Solar System: Working, Types, Pros, And Cons

You already know how revolutionizing solar energy is. So, let’s not talk about its benefits, as we already know them. In this blog, we will touch on a different aspect of solar energy, and that’s a hybrid solar inverter. We will look at its working, some pros and cons, and also the right place to buy the best hybrid solar inverter in India and hybrid solar inverters to help you optimize solar energy use. So, let’s get started.

What is a Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter is a crucial component of a solar power system. It converts the direct current (DC) that the solar panels produce into alternate current (AC) to power home-based appliances. Now, what is a hybrid solar inverter? A hybrid solar inverter combines a solar power system with a battery-based inverter to make it a single setup.

A solar panel setup with a traditional inverter system requires a separate inverter to transform AC to DC and back and forth. But the one with a hybrid inverter does not require a separate battery inverter. You can install hybrid inverters without batteries. That’s one reason many people are switching to hybrid inverters to stay future-ready.

Working of a Hybrid Solar System

The solar panel array in a hybrid solar system is interconnected with the solar inverter. The inverter is linked to the solar battery and utility grid. The solar panel absorbs the sunlight and converts it into DC electricity. The electricity then travels to the connected solar inverter, which converts DC to AC. As mentioned earlier, The AC is the standard electrical current used to operate home appliances.

During the day, if the solar system produces more electricity than required, the solar batteries store the excess energy. Once the batteries are fully charged, the electricity automatically gets transported to the utility grid through Net Metering.

During the night, the inverter grid offers two options and up to 50 percent batteries. If you choose the power grid, the grid will run the load, and the solar batteries will power the home in case of electricity cuts.

Now, suppose you choose the battery as the second priority. The battery will get drawn up to 50 percent. If your household uses more than 50 percent of the battery, the additional electricity required to provide the home electricity is taken from the grid. 

Advantages of a Hybrid Solar System

Let’s look at some ways through which a hybrid solar system can benefit you.

Continuous Power Supply

A hybrid solar system with storage batteries connected to the inverter ensures a continuous power supply. In case your area experiences a blackout, the battery will function as an inverter and provide backup electricity.

Low Maintenance

A hybrid inverter does not have to require any fuel to operate. Hence, it is pretty low on maintenance. You don’t have to spend as much time, resources, and effort in maintaining it as you did on conventional inverters.

Renewable Resource Utilization

Batteries connected to a hybrid system ensure optimal use of solar energy when the weather is bright and sunny. Thus, the battery can store maximum energy on sunny days and use it in the form of electricity when the weather is overcast or in case of outages.

Disadvantages of a Hybrid Solar System

Some cons of hybrid solar system systems include the following.

High Installation Cost

The initial investment is higher than in other solar systems. Hence, it may take time to realize the savings and returns you’d earn on the system.

Lower Battery Life

The batteries connected to the system are often exposed to rain, dust, heat, etc. Continuous exposure to these elements can affect the battery life.

Limited Connected Instruments

You cannot connect as many devices as you want to a hybrid solar system. The number is limited, and it varies with the system you choose.

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