Which Hybrid Inverter Brands Will Trend in India

Which Hybrid Inverter Brands Will Trend in India?

With a CAGR of 34-36 percent and a market share expected to increase by over USD 235 billion from 2021 to 2026, India can be considered one of the most important and lucrative solar power markets worldwide.

In a market as promising as India, the presence of various solar power and inverter players is evident. Hybrid inverters aren’t an exception to it. Given their benefits, many Indian domestic and commercial solar power users are switching to hybrid inverters. 

The huge adoption of hybrid inverters across India refers to a massive business surface area for manufacturing players within this space. But which hybrid inverter brands are expected to create the buzz in India? Let’s look at five of them in this blog.

5 Trending Solar Hybrid Inverter Manufacturers in India 

While India is home and the business playground for many hybrid inverters, these five solar hybrid inverter manufacturers in India are set to emerge more prominently and create the buzz.

1. Enertech

Enertech is a Pune-based solar hybrid inverter manufacturer in India. The company has been operating for over 33 years and has established itself as part of India’s elite league of solar power inverter manufacturers. Enertech’s solar hybrid system products include Solar Hybrid Inverter 1Ph: SunMagic and Solar Hybrid Inverter 3Ph. The organization is known for its innovations, extensive research, and excellent customer service.

The Enertech® Product are design with  100% Indigenous technology using the  in-house R&D setup strive for constant  success in leveraging technological  innovation are manufactured at our  Pune India.

Enertech® REefi Hybrid Solar PCU is the most Innovative Circuit Design. It store renewable  energy in the battery as well as export any  excess solar power generated, to the grid through  net meter, resulting in improved savings at  consumer end.

2. Fronius

Fronius in India is headquartered in Pune. Established in 1945 and thus carries a legacy of almost eight decades! Fronius operates 28 subsidiaries across four continents and has a wide range of solar hybrid system products of varying shapes and sizes. The company specializes in 3-phase solar inverters and central inverters. It also manufactures transformer-based and transformer-less solar inverters.  

3. LG

LG is a Korea-based global leader within the electronics space and has a significant presence across the solar power landscape. The company has been around for 75 years and has established a solid foothold across various countries and continents.

4. Statcon

Noida-based, Statcon is another of the leading solar hybrid inverter manufacturers in India. The company offers a broad array of solar inverters, including on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar inverters. As far as hybrid inverters are concerned, Statcon’s HBD Series solar hybrid system is a popular option across the country. It has various features that contribute to its efficiency and help its customers optimize solar energy use.

5. Schneider

Established in 1836, Schneider Electric is one of the oldest companies in its line of business. Along with many other solutions, the company has also emerged as a leading provider of energy and automated digital solutions. It provides various solar energy products to the residential and commercial sectors. 

In India, Enertech has established itself as the leading PV inverter supplier. The company’s products are environment-friendly and easy to install.

We hope this blog was insightful. Connect with Enertech if you’ve been looking for reliable solar hybrid manufacturers in India. We have the product range, technology, and innovative mindset that can help you optimize the use of solar energy and maximize your RoI while reducing your dependence on solar energy in the long run. 

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