Enertech Sangli TLC Exhibition 2024

Fueling the Future with Innovations: EnerTech Shines at Sangli TLC Exhibition 2024

The recent Sangli TLC Exhibition held on the 10th and 11th of February 2024, proved a spectacular display of innovations and engineering ingenuity from various companies across the industrial world. We are pleased to inform you that EnerTech took center stage as a beacon of sustainable energy solutions! The event brewed collaboration, creativity, and fruitful interactions everywhere. 

Amidst the bustling environment, EnerTech proudly showcased its cutting-edge products, including Solar Hybrid Inverters with and without batteries, as well as Grid and Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) tailored for industrial needs. Let’s delve into how EnerTech’s participation added value to the event with its commitment to renewable energy and technological advancement.

TLC Exhibition Enertech

EnerTech’s Solar Hybrid Inverters

EnerTech is committed to contributing to sustainability with its innovations, including the visionary Solar Hybrid Inverter. The inverter is an innovation slated to drive transformations across the renewable energy sector. With options both with and without batteries, these inverters offer unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in harnessing solar power. 

Whether it’s optimizing self-consumption with battery storage or seamless grid integration, EnerTech’s Solar Hybrid Inverters enable users to control energy use, while also curbing their dependence on conventional power sources.

By enabling people to harness solar power independently and cost-effectively, EnerTech is helping the world journey toward a more sustainable and economically viable future. With a continuous and perpetual rise in the demand for renewable energy solutions, EnerTech’s Solar Hybrid Inverter will emerge as a standout, signifying technical intelligence, economic regard, and reliability


Grid Less Solar Hybrid

BESS Solutions

EnerTech’s Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) serve the energy needs of industries. BESS ensures reliable power backup, grid stability, and peak demand management, ensuring uninterrupted operations and cost savings for industrial setups. With a focus on scalability and efficiency, BESS heralds a new era of industrial sustainability, where reliance on fossil fuels promotes a cleaner, better, and greener future.

TLC Exhibition proved a platform for EnerTech to showcase the transformative potential of its BESS solutions across massive industrial setups. By replacing traditional Diesel Generators (DG) with BESS, EnerTech not only demonstrated the environmental benefits of BESS but also advocated a crucial economic advantage.


Future of Energy

About Sangli TLC – The Event

Events like Sangli TLC serve as platforms for companies to display and introduce their transformative innovations confidently and enable vital collaborations. They also foster network growth and pave the way for more learning and growth opportunities. 

While thanking the organizers of the event, EnerTech also congratulates them for their efforts in making such a massive event possible and successful. Events like these should happen more frequently. Organizing them more often and at an even larger scale can help promote healthy synergies seamlessly journeying the industrial world towards more convincing and sustainable progress.


As the curtains draw on the Sangli TLC Exhibition, EnerTech’s presence lingers as a testament to the transformative power of innovation and sustainability. From Solar Hybrid Inverters and BESS Solutions, EnerTech’s comprehensive product lineup and approach signify its ethos of progress, possibility, and opportunities in the sphere of renewable energy. Let’s continue to remain inspired and strengthen our passion for renewable energy to work towards a better and brighter future.

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