Battery-Less Solar Hybrid Inverter

Why is a Battery-Less Solar Hybrid Inverter Popular on the Market?

Battery-less solar hybrid inverter? Yes! You heard it right. Usually, a solar hybrid inverter comprises a battery unit to work as an entire unit. But EnerTech, one of the leading players across the renewable energy space, has invented a solar hybrid inverter that functions without a battery. Are you wondering what it is all about and why it has created a buzz across the market? Here’s a blog that provides vital insights into it.

Resolving Traditional Inverter Challenges with Battery-less Solar Hybrid Inverters

Although a little late, we’ve eventually realized the significance of using solar hybrid inverters. Solar power has emerged as a perpetually promising source of energy, which we can harness through PV cells. However, what matters is the extent to which you can convert solar energy and use it to power your appliances. EnerTech’s battery-less solar hybrid inverter – SunMagic – REeFI Batteryless PCU precisely steps in here!

It is an alternative to conventional solar inverters with battery units that help store excess energy produced during peak hours. Although it refers to a continuous power supply, the presence of a battery unit brings in some inevitable aspects like battery maintenance, replacements, and its impact on the environment. With a comprehensive understanding of the challenges at the micro and macro level, EnerTech has come up with a battery less solar hybrid inverter that proves beneficial in many ways.

In a very short period, the inverter gained fame and won the trust of many companies worldwide. But are the above ones the only factors driving the popularity of EnerTech’s battery-less solar hybrid system? No. There’s more to what you can apparently see. Let’s explore that and discover the reasons the battery less solar hybrid inverter can constitute the future of solar inverters in the long run.

Benefits of Battery-Less Solar Hybrid Inverter – SunMagic – REeFI Batteryless PCU

Here’s what makes Enertech’s battery-less solar hybrid inverter a hit in the market.

  • Increased Solar Energy Use and Efficiency: The inverter comprises an intelligent design that helps the system use solar energy optimally, maximize efficiency, and curtail energy wastage. Thus, it helps you reap high returns for your investment.
  • Substantial Cost-Savings: The inverter that’s devoid of a battery refers to considerable cost savings for consumers. Hence, with EnerTech’s battery less solar hybrid inverter, you can save more money and use more energy.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Battery production consumes massive resources, including raw materials, many of which are expensive, non-renewable, and even harmful to the environment. But EnerTech’s battery-less solar hybrid inverter helps reduce the dependence on batteries, curb the need to produce it, and thus promote a more sustainable energy ecosystem.
  • Reliability: The more components you have in your system the higher its maintenance cost and susceptibility to breakdowns. However, EnerTech’s battery less solar hybrid inverter has fewer parts vulnerable to damage. That helps increase the reliability of the solar power system and optimize its use as a perpetual source of electricity.
  • Intuitive Design: EnerTech’s battery-less solar hybrid inverter exemplifies user convenience with an intuitive interface and a straightforward installation process. Thus, it makes sustainable energy more accessible to a broader set of users.

Features of EnerTech’s Battery-Less Solar Hybrid Inverters

Some essential features of EnerTech’s battery-less solar hybrid inverters include,

  • IGBT or MPPT with PWM intelligent charging technology
  • Lightning protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Digital display inverter that shows input and output voltage and load.
  • Visual indicators

Solar energy can help take the world towards sustainability. However, it requires using cutting-edge technologies that help optimize its use. Enertech’s battery less solar hybrid inverter represents a breakthrough innovation that can help multiple purposes like sustainability, cost-savings, and optimize the use of solar energy. Click to explore more about our battery-less solar hybrid inverter product or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. On which model is EnerTech’s battery-less solar hybrid inverter based?

A. This model is a compensating type, which refers to taking the shortage current of the solar panel from the grid line. When solar energy is adequate, then the total output load will operate on the Enertech Solar PCU. In events when the solar energy supply is bleak, the inverter will take a balance AC source from the grid line.

Q. What is the USP of EnerTech’s battery-less solar hybrid inverter?

A. In the future, you can use the battery bank to use electricity generated through solar energy in the night. You can use the solar hybrid inverter for lighting load in the daytime on solar without the mains.

Q. What are the different types of protections offered in the solar hybrid inverter?

A. EnerTech’s battery less solar hybrid inverter offers protection from the following.

  • Solar DC over Voltage / DC under Voltage
  • Inverter AC over Voltage / AC under Voltage
  • Mains Overvoltage / undervoltage
  • Overload trip

Q. How much is the efficiency of EnerTech’s battery-less solar hybrid inverter?

A. The efficiency figures are as follows.

  • MPPT>94%
  • Solar Input: AC O/P–91%
  • Inverter on Battery: 94%

Q. Does EnerTech provide maintenance services for its battery-less solar hybrid inverter?

A. Yes. EnerTech’s support also includes periodic maintenance and technical support.