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Why Critical Application Need Solar UPS Instead Of Solar Inverter??

In today’s dynamic business environment, ensuring uninterrupted power supply is paramount, especially for critical applications where even the briefest downtime can result in significant losses. While solar inverters have been widely used for harnessing solar energy, we believe that Solar UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) presents a superior solution for critical load applications.

Difference between Solar Inverter and Solar UPS

For a layperson, it is obvious to think of a solar inverter and solar UPS system to be the same. But that’s not the case. Both of them are unique in various aspects and have differences that make them distinct. So, let’s look at some of the major differences between a solar inverter and UPS system in this blog to get a better understanding of both.

What is a Solar Inverter?

Solar inverters are devices that convert DC power input into AC power. They serve as the primary connection between the panels and the electrical distribution panel in the house. Contemporary inverters have switches connecting or isolating the solar energy system from the power grid.

Additionally, they provide comprehensive information to the system’s monitoring equipment. It should be noted that a solar inverter isn’t a charge controller. The latter manages electrical input and distributes it to batteries or the electrical system. It is an integral, yet distinct element of a solar energy system.

What is a Solar UPS?

Solar (Uninterruptible Power Supply), abbreviated as solar UPS, is a backup power system combining solar energy generation with energy storage, usually via batteries and an inverter to provide electricity during power cuts or the unavailability of the primary power source. The system has solar panels capturing sunlight and converting it into electricity, which helps charge the batteries. The batteries store the energy for later use. On the other hand, the inverter converts the stored energy into usable AC power.

By leveraging UPS solutions for critical load applications, our customers can unlock greater reliability, resilience, and peace of mind. As our esteemed channel partner, we invite you to explore the opportunities presented by Solar UPS system and join us in delivering unparalleled value to our customers.

Solar Inverter Vs. Solar UPS – Primary Differences

Now that we know what a solar inverter and UPS are fundamentally, let’s look at the most significant differences between both through the below table.

Parameter Solar Inverter Solar UPS
Main Function Converting DC electricity from solar panels to AC. Converting DC electricity from solar panels to AC and storing excess energy in batteries to supply electricity during outages.
Power Supply Provided only in the presence of sunlight. Supply continuously, even during the night and instances of grid outages.
Connection You can connect the solar inverter to the grid to export excess energy. A UPS doesn’t have to tied to the grid. It can work independently.
Parts and Components Solar inverters have inverter circuits to convert DC into AC. Solar UPS systems have battery storage, charging systems and inverter circuits.
Use Solar inverters are used in grid-tied solar power systems. A UPS is used in off-grid and hybrid solar power systems.
Battery Backup No built-in battery backup There’s a battery backup system that provides uninterrupted power.
Changeover Time Approximately 500 milliseconds Around 10 milliseconds
Cost Relatively less expensive Costlier than solar inverters considering the numerous features and functionalities
Application Solar inverters are used in commercial and residential grid-tied systems. A great addition to areas with unreliable grid supply.

Struggling with Energy Issues? Embrace Solar Energy Wholeheartedly with EnerTech!

EnerTech is one of the leading solar inverters and solar online UPS system manufacturer in India. We manufacture a range of solar inverters and solar UPS systems to serve diverse applications, including residential and commercial.

Our solar inverter products include Mono and Poly Solar Panel, Solar Hybrid Inverter 1 Ph: Sun Magic, Solar Hybrid Inverter 3Ph- REeFI, and Solar Off-Grid Inverter. On the other hand, we have a spectrum of solar UPS products, including Solar Online UPS 1-1 Ph, Solar Online UPS 3-1 Ph, and Solar Online UPS 3-3 Ph. Our inverter and UPS products integrate the latest technologies and have features and functionalities that undergo continuous upgrades and updates to deliver a competent proposition to our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does EnerTech provide solar inverter and UPS maintenance support?
A. Yes. Prompt maintenance support is an integral part of our value proposition. Hence, you can rely upon our technical specialists whenever you need technical assistance or support for your inverter or UPS.

Q. How long can solar inverters last?
A. Solar inverters on panels can last up to a decade or a little more.

Q. Can a solar inverter reduce my electricity bills?
A. Although not immediately, you’d see returns in the long run. Solar inverters help reduce your dependence on conventional electricity. Hence, you will see results over a period.

Q. Why is a solar UPS system required?
A. It is to provide instant power to your appliances whenever they need to function immediately.

Q. Can I convert a normal inverter to a solar inverter?
A. Yes. You can convert your existing regular inverter to a solar one. Thus, you would source all your electricity from the sun and curtail your energy bills in the long run.


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