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Why EnerTech Solar Hybrid Inverter is More Popular? What its New Features?

Amidst the rising need for renewable energy sources, solar energy systems have emerged as a medium to harness the infinite source of energy – the sun! However, there have been evolutions in solar energy systems as well. One such element of this evolutionary journey is solar hybrid inverter. Lately, they’ve gained immense popularity across the renewable energy space. But what continues to drive their fame? Of course, we cannot answer it in a line or two. So, here’s more to the benefits and features steering the popularity of solar hybrid inverters.

What is a Solar Hybrid Inverter?

A solar hybrid inverter combines a solar inverter and a battery inverter into a single unit. It converts the direct current (DC) electricity that the solar panels generate into alternating current (AC) electricity that further powers household appliances.

It also manages the charging and discharging of batteries connected to the system. Thus, during times when solar power is available and the batteries aren’t fully charged, the hybrid inverter drives excess solar energy to power the batteries. On the other hand, when solar power isn’t as adequately available, the inverter derives power from the batteries to provide electricity.

Accordingly, using a solar hybrid inverter helps optimize the use of solar energy. Additionally, it provides backup power during grid outages or during times when solar power generation isn’t enough.

Benefits of a Solar Hybrid Inverter

No matter the product or innovation, nothing matters to people as much as the benefits and the value they will derive from it. A solar hybrid inverter isn’t an exception to it. It offers numerous benefits that can help save individual energy use and drive the world towards sustainability. Let’s look at six essential benefits.

1. Optimum Energy Utilization

Solar hybrid inverters are designed to manage power from solar panels and the grid. Hence, they can help you optimize energy use. These inverters prioritize solar energy when it is available, thus reducing your dependence on the grid, making you self-sufficient in terms of power, and reducing your electricity bills in the long run. Of course, the latter doesn’t happen the very next day you install a solar hybrid inverter. It takes continuous use and time to realize the savings.

2. Power Storage

Numerous hybrid inverters come with battery storage that enables them to store additional solar energy for later use or as a backup during power cuts. Thus, the users enjoy an uninterrupted power supply even when solar power generation isn’t up to the mark or optimum.

3. Load Shifting

Hybrid inverters are engineered to ensure intelligent management of energy loads. Accordingly, they enable you to shift your energy consumption based on the situation. Thus, for example, when solar generation is high, it will switch to solar energy. On the other hand, it will turn to grid electricity if it is cheaper. Such an arrangement helps optimize energy use and lower overall energy costs.

4. Expandability

You can seamlessly scale modular solar hybrid systems by adding more solar panels or batteries to the system. Besides, they allow users to adapt their system to their evolving energy needs over time. No wonder they are popular across residential and commercial applications!

5. Enhanced Grid Stability

Solar hybrid inverters integrate distributed energy resources like solar and batteries. Hence, they can increase grid stability and resilience by lowering peak demand and supplying backup power during power outages.

6. Sustainability

Solar hybrid inverters optimize the use of solar energy and reduce dependence on the conventional grid. In the long run, these efforts and initiatives will translate into reduced carbon emissions and lowering the climate change impact. Thus, installing a hybrid solar inverter is surely one step towards sustainability!

EnerTech Solar Hybrid Inverter Features – Helping the World Leverage the Power of Solar Energy!

With a vision to help the world make optimum use of renewable energy, EnerTech proves itself a company committed to sustainability. Our solar hybrid inverter products signify our efforts toward making energy independence a reality. Here’s more to our solar hybrid inverter products and their features.

Solar Hybrid Inverter 1Ph: SunMagic

A Solar Hybrid Inverter 1Ph with a range of 5kVA to 40kVA, SunMagic offers features, including the below.

  • Fully Digital, DSP Controlled
  • Hybrid inverter with Battery Energy Storage System
  • Bidirectional solar PCU
  • DG Compatibility and Control
  • Inbuilt Isolation Transformer
  • Anti-islanding Feature
  • Batteryless Gridless Operation*
  • Higher Capacity PV Connection Option Available
  • Battery Less Operation Compatible*
  • No Break Change Over Time
  • IoT Based Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Unity power Factor for grid charging
  • 4-Stage Charging Algorithm
  • 4-Mode of Operation
  • Adjustable Grid Charging Current
  • DG Synchronization
  • Protection Against Fire / Smoke*
  • Large Graphics LCD Display

Click to discover more about Hybrid Inverter 1Ph: SunMagic.

Solar Hybrid Inverter 3Ph: REeFI

This is a 3 phase hybrid solar inverter with numerous features, including the below.

  • Bidirectional solar PCU
  • Battery-less Operation Compatible*
  • Contactors and Relays Less Design
  • DG Compatibility and Control
  • Inbuilt Isolation Transformer
  • Higher Loading of MPPT Up To 120%
  • Unbalance Load Operation
  • 4-modes Of Operation
  • Fault logs: 9 recent faults
  • IoT Based Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Design With the Twin Power Supply*
  • No Break Changeover Time
  • Auto fault reset for non-critical faults
  • Temperature-compensated Battery Charging*
  • Suitable For 100% Unbalanced Load Condition
  • Vthd <3%
  • Communication Port: RS485
  • Temperature Compensated Charging
  • Detailed Metering: Solar KW, Solar KWH
  • Battery-less and Gridless Operation Compatible*
  • Advanced Battery Management Feature
  • Protection Against Fire / Smoke

Click to explore about 3 phase hybrid solar inverter: REeFI.

EnerTech exemplifies its commitment to sustainability by helping the world harness the power of renewable energy with its tech-driven efficient products. Solar hybrid inverters are only part of the company’s extensive product range. Choose EnerTech if you are an industry owner or a residential unit owner looking to optimize renewable energy use, cut energy bills, and contribute your bit to a greener planet. Email us at to interact with our experts.

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