Industrial Solar Hybrid Inverter

7 Reasons Industrial and Commercial Customers Prefer EnerTech’s Solar Hybrid Inverter

Energy use and rising energy costs are among the most imminent problems confronting the world. Excessive dependence on fossil fuels and conventional electricity not only adds to production overheads but also increases individual carbon footprint. Imagine the carbon footprint that millions of them generate together! So, continuing to use non-renewable energy won’t take us long.

Solar energy emerged as a solution, helping reduce the dependence on traditional electricity. However, the world now needs something more useful that enhances energy management efficiency and offers more flexibility. EnerTech’s solar hybrid inverter proves a breakthrough solution in this regard. Trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide, it offers value in various ways. Let’s look at seven reasons for making it a preferred inverter.

What is a Solar Hybrid Inverter?

A solar hybrid inverter forms part of a solar energy system that helps manage the flow of electricity from solar panels, batteries, and the grid. It offers the functionality of a solar inverter that converts DC electricity from solar panels into AC for homes and businesses and that of a battery inverter, which helps manage battery charging and discharging.

The word hybrid refers to working with solar panels and batteries, thus paving the way for more energy management flexibility and efficiency. Fundamentally, a hybrid solar inverter prioritizes solar power when it’s available and stores excess energy in batteries when solar production is low or when the energy demand is high. Furthermore, it can seamlessly switch to grid power as the need be.

Why is EnerTech’s Solar Hybrid Inverter Popular Among Industry Owners?

Now that we know what a solar hybrid inverter does, let’s look at seven reasons that make EnerTech’s hybrid solar inverter a hit in the energy market.

1. High Efficiency

Designed carefully, and built with advanced technology and premium components, EnerTech’s solar hybrid inverter ensures maximum conversion efficiency of DC power that solar panels produce into AC power to use it as electricity. The hybrid solar inverter is the result of years of relentless research and an understanding of solar energy and contemporary energy concerns.

2. Different Operating Modes

Another significant reason driving the success and popularity of EnerTech’s solar hybrid inverter is its multiple operating modes. The inverter can work in grid-tied, battery backup, and hybrid mode. It can seamlessly switch between those modes depending on the user’s needs. So, you can have the inverter work according to your needs and demands of the current situation.

3. Battery Compatibility

The inverter’s multiple battery compatibility is another noteworthy reason proving EnerTech’s engineering ingenuity. The solar hybrid inverter is compatible with different types of batteries, including lithium-ion, lead-acid, and other battery types. Customers can benefit from this compatibility as it provides them the flexibility to use it in different applications.

Additionally, the hybrid solar inverter can also operate in battery and battery-less modes. It provides flexibility in system configuration and operation.

4. Grid-Connected and Grid-Less Operation

EnerTech’s solar hybrid inverter can work in the grid-connected and grid-less mode as well. So, when the system produces more energy than required, the electricity is transported to the electric grid to use it somewhere else.

On the other hand, grid-less or off-grid operations refer to the solar energy system harvesting solar energy during the daylight and the battery storing surplus energy to power appliances during the night. So, in such an arrangement, you stay disconnected from the grid.

The inverter can switch between both these modes per the requirement and thus drive optimal energy efficiency and use.

5. MPPT Input

The MPPT solar inverter is equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) input. It allows solar panels to harvest maximum power even when the weather is overcast or there’s a shadow impeding solar power generation.

6. Overload and Short Circuit Protection

While efficiency matters, safety is paramount for EnerTech. Accordingly, the solar hybrid inverter is designed with overload and short circuit protection that helps prevent damage to the solar inverter and other connected devices when there’s a power overload or short circuit.

7. Remote Monitoring and Control

As the user, you don’t have to employ someone or have anyone check the solar inverter’s performance periodically where it is situated. Instead, you can remotely monitor and control the inverter with a mobile app or a computer and assess its performance without going near it. The system provides real-time updates to help you plan, align, and manage your energy needs accordingly.

In a nutshell, EnerTech’s solar hybrid inverter benefits in the following ways.

  • Reduce grid dependence
  • Optimize the use of solar energy
  • Switch between modes to enhance energy management efficiency
  • Maximum conversion efficiency of DC to AC
  • Reduce energy costs in the long run
  • Expedite their journey towards energy self-sufficiency
  • Make better and more valuable contributions to sustainability

So, choose EnerTech’s solar hybrid inverter if you’ve been looking to accomplish the above goals. It is an investment that will pay dividends in the form of higher energy self-dependence, lowered energy costs, and increased sustainability.

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