Benefits of Solar Energy Storage System

Unleashing the Top 7 Benefits of Solar Energy Storage System

Imagine a situation wherein you never run out of electricity and use it for everything, including air conditioners! Sounds great, isn’t it? While installing a solar energy system on your rooftop is a great move, you cannot merely rely on it. To make the above situation come true, you need a solar energy storage system.

Welcome to EnerTech, one of leading energy storage system in India, designed to solve people’s electricity problems and reduce grid dependence. But how do these systems do it? Let’s unveil the top seven revolutionizing advantages of solar energy storage systems.

What is a Solar Energy Storage System?

A solar energy storage system stores excess energy that the solar panels generate during high sunlight spells for users to use in the absence of sunlight, during the night, or when the weather is overcast.

These systems usually have batteries that store surplus energy in chemical form. The stored energy can be extracted and used as required. Thus, the stored energy can work as a reliable source of electricity when the sun isn’t shining or the solar panels cannot draw enough solar energy.

How Does a Solar Energy Storage System Benefit People?

No matter the innovation, it is its benefits that drive people towards it. A benefits of energy storage system in various ways. It is one of the breakthroughs in the solar energy realm addressing a range of electricity concerns. Let’s look at the seven advantages of energy storage systems.

Energy Self-Reliance

A solar energy storage system stores excess solar energy. Accordingly, it reduces the user’s dependence on the grid and increases energy independence, thereby helping lower energy bills in the long run.

Increased Grid Stability

The system can contribute to grid stability by providing stored energy during peak demand hours. It helps reduce the dependence strain on the grid, stabilizing it and preventing situations like blackouts.

Cost Savings

Installing a 5kW rooftop solar panel can help save roughly 500-600 units of electricity every month. That can translate into a monthly saving of nearly Rs. 3,000-3,500. Thus, if your bill is about Rs 3,400 per month, over a period and with optimized use of solar energy, you will pay only Rs. 300-400 for your electricity. A solar energy storage solution can help you optimize electricity use by storing and enabling you to use it.

Of course, all of it won’t happen overnight. It will take consistent and continuous use to drive the gigantic savings you expect from the solar energy system.

Note: Energy storage system price and calculations are approximate and only for reference. Actual savings may vary.

Peak Shaving

Most efficient energy storage systems can help streamline energy demand surges by discharging the stored energy during peak hours. It helps reduce the need for expensive peaking power plants and lowers the overall electricity costs.

Provision of Remote Power

Even today, some places struggle for a continuous and reliable supply of electricity. In areas like these, solar energy storage systems can prove beneficial. They provide a dependable source of power without building extensive and expensive grid infrastructure.


You can scale solar energy storage system to meet your evolving electricity needs. Thus, you can use them across commercial and residential applications.


Sustainability is the result of several individual efforts. Accordingly, walking the extra mile and installing solar energy storage systems can help you optimize the use of solar energy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels for electricity generation, and lower the overall carbon footprint in the long run.

Driving a Sustainable Future with EnerTech’s Solar Energy Storage Systems!

EnerTech’s EnerGen series exemplifies the optimum use of solar energy with its Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

It is a straightforward plug-and-play solution equipped with numerous features, including grid synchronization, programmable time-based scheduling, modular design allowing for modular expandability, GPS-enabled remote monitoring, and the ability to operate heavy loads.

Furthermore, the system is designed to save peak shaving, improve power quality, and provide a backup power supply. Besides, it requires a minimal operation and maintenance investment.

A solar energy storage solutions can help revolutionize the use of solar energy and help you accelerate your pace towards energy independence and sustainability. With a slew of features and benefits (mentioned above), EnerTech’s battery energy storage system manufacturers in India are poised to contribute to the world’s green endeavors.

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