Solar Hybrid Inverters.

Transforming the Rural Electricity Landscape with Solar Hybrid Inverters! How is Enertech Contributing by Making a Difference

In India, electricity scarcity has been a perpetual concern. Of course, it isn’t a cakewalk to cater to the country’s gigantic population and geographical expanse. However, the gap between the country’s electricity needs and production has been a grave concern for years, impeding its progress to a certain extent. 

It isn’t that things haven’t changed. Thankfully, there’s an improvement. For example, India produced nearly 7 percent more electricity in 2022-23 than in 2021-22. So, that’s an appreciable increase for sure. 

Nevertheless, electricity problems in rural areas still haunt us! Even today, we have thousands of villages where it isn’t as reliable. As a result, power cuts in these villages continue to be normal – although unfortunately!

As a country, we cannot enjoy electricity alone while letting our fellow rural citizens flounder in the dark. 

We need innovative solutions that drive the difference.

Enertech, one of India’s leading players in the solar power space has taken that initiative. The company’s solar hybrid inverters are making a significant difference in resolving rural electricity problems. Nevertheless, how is EnerTech making it possible? Let’s look at the role of EnerTech’s solar hybrid inverters in transfiguring the rural electricity horizon.

Advantages of Enertech’s Solar Hybrid Inverters for Rural Electricity

Here’s how Enertech’s solar hybrid inverters benefit rural electricity.

  • Harnessing Solar Energy

Enertech’s solar hybrid inverters use solar panels to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. In rural locations with unreliable or non-existent grid connectivity, but with ample sunlight, solar power can prove a bankable energy source. It can ensure a continuous supply of electricity in those areas.

  • Energy Storage

Another striking, rather, the most significant highlight of Enertech’s solar hybrid inverters is that they have battery storage capabilities. These capabilities allow them to store excess solar energy generated during the day in batteries for us during the night or spells of low sunlight. The energy storage helps ensure a continuous and trustworthy power supply, even when the sunlight is poor or unavailable for a particular period.

  • Switching Capabilities – Backup Power

Enertech’s solar hybrid inverters can also work as a backup power source. During grid failures, the inverter can automatically switch to the stored solar energy, thus ensuring uninterrupted electricity to households. Farmers who largely depend on electricity for watering crops, etc., can benefit from it significantly.

  • Reduced Grid Dependence

Outages due to unstable grid supply are a common sight in rural areas. Enertech’s solar hybrid inverters can help rural areas reduce their grid dependence by using solar energy during the day. It can help address the problem of power cuts to a significant extent.

  • Cost Savings

Another crucial benefit of Enertech’s solar hybrid inverters is the considerable cost-saving in the long run. How? It is pretty evident. These inverters reduce dependence on conventional electricity and the expensive DG gensets that generate electricity in its absence. Instead, these inverters leverage solar power to help reduce energy bills and make the rural ecosystem more financially stable.

  • Sustainability

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. Hence, it reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and helps the country, in its entirety, lower its carbon footprint. In rural locations, where clean energy access can drive sustainable development, solar hybrid inverters that harness solar energy can have a crucial role to play.

  • Rural Empowerment

Enertech’s solar hybrid systems can be deployed at the village level, thereby provisioning electricity to schools, community centers, health clinics, etc. It not only helps enhance access to basic services but empowers communities to stay in control of their energy needs and production.


A robust rural economy and ecosystem can help India make even more, better and accelerated progress. Enertech’s solar hybrid inverters with a slew of compatible features, advanced analytics, battery-less operational capabilities, etc., are a small, yet effective step towards making it possible. 

Of course, things won’t change immediately. But we are inching steadily towards our goal and we’re confident of accomplishing it. Please click to explore our products SunMagic and REeFI or email us at to learn more about our solar hybrid inverter products.

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