solar inverter buying tips

5 Solar Inverter Buying Tips to Help You Select the Best One

When you are out to buy a solar inverter, you must consider a few factors before you choose the right one – precisely the one that suits your requirements. But what is a solar inverter? A solar inverter converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a PV solar panel to an alternative current (AC) with a frequency that the user can use to power appliances. Now that you know what a solar inverter is, here’s how to choose the best one.

5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Solar Inverter

Before finalizing a solar inverter, you must consider the below factors to help you make an informed choice that does justice to your investment.

  1. Solar Inverter Battery

    Your inverter’s endurance depends significantly on its battery. Hence, choosing the right battery matters. Your battery’s capacity is defined as the maximum number of hours for which a battery can power all devices. Accordingly, you should assess your energy needs and the average time for which you will require the solar inverter and make an informed decision that helps you optimize the use of solar power.

  2. Safety Certification

    This one is another essential consideration. You must check the solar inverter for its level of safety. It is crucial to choose a solar inverter certified for its safety by an independent testing authority before you purchase and use it for your solar venture.

  3. Inverter’s VA Rating Range

    Check the inverter’s VA rating or VA capacity to determine the solar inverter’s output. The VA rating depends on your consumption of power. Higher power consumption refers to a higher requirement of the inverter’s VA rating.

  4. Peak Power Considerations

    Solar inverters are usually expected to supply two types of power – peak and typical power. Now, what are peak and typical power?

    Peak power is the optimal power a solar inverter can supply for a trivial duration, which could be between a few seconds to around ten to twelve minutes. Some appliances require higher power while starting up than they do to operate under normal circumstances after being powered.

    On the other hand, typical power is the usual power that the inverter supplies consistently after the device receives its power to begin and stabilize.

  5. Inverter Brand

    It is another critical factor to consider. While it is a no-brainer to choose the most popular and the best solar inverter brand, what matters is whether the brand you select enables you to reap optimal returns. Accordingly, you should choose solar inverter brands that offer the features, efficiency, and proposition that allow you to achieve the energy self-dependence you’ve always endeavored for.

In addition, ensure you also assess the inverter’s warranty and after-sales service. Merely manufacturing high-quality inverters doesn’t suffice. Machines require maintenance, support, and parts replacement over a period. Thus, the brand chosen should have a reputation and preparedness for warranty and after-sales service.

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