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How to Choose a Solar Inverter?

Solar inverters have emerged as a vital component of every solar system. These convert direct current (DC), generated by the solar panel to alternating current (AC), used by the grid. They allow the solar power system to power the entire home and its appliances. Hence, the choice of solar inverters matters. Here’s how to choose the right one.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Solar Inverter

A solar inverter plays a crucial role in making people energy self-sufficient. Accordingly, a careful review of various essential factors is a must while choosing a solar inverter.

  1. The Inverter’s Efficiency

    An inverter’s efficiency is calculated as the ratio of output power to input power measured under specific working conditions. The highest conversion efficiency is about 97-98%. Computing an inverter’s efficiency according to your energy needs could be technically complicated. Hence, you must consult the inverter supplier, discuss your energy needs and make the right choice aligned with your requirements.

  2. Solar Inverter’s Durability

    Solar inverters are usually positioned outside a particular structure. Hence, it is evident that they should be durable enough to sustain diverse weather conditions. So, you should inspect if the inverter has a hard shell or a technology that optimizes its efficiency across various weather. High and low temperatures affect the PV system’s voltage. Maximum voltage beyond the specification may harm the inverter, and very low voltage can freeze its functioning. So, an all-weather inverter should be your choice.

  3. Solar Inverter’s Cost

    Cost is a pivotal factor, although it shouldn’t be the only one. Remember, embracing solar energy is a visionary decision made from a long-term perspective. Hence, you shouldn’t remain rigid on the cost a lot. Consider it an investment and invest in top-of- the-line solar inverters that serve you for long and reap optimal returns in the long run. Nevertheless, if you are tight on the budget, you may opt for a grid-connected inverter that can help you save energy bills through net metering. But if you can stretch your budget, you can go for off-grid inverters that will reduce your dependence on the grid and help you become significantly self-sufficient in terms of electricity.

  4. Your Energy Needs

    It is prudent to compute your energy needs before you make a choice. Knowing your energy needs will help you calculate the size of your inverter. For instance, if you are looking for a 20kW system for solar panels, you should buy an inverter that supports the requirement by generating the required amount of energy. However, experts advise buying an inverter with a capacity a little higher than your requirement. It can help you compensate for the energy losses in the system.

  5. Solar Inverter Brand

    This one could be a little tricky. It isn’t because you don’t have as many quality brands in the market, but many. However, here it isn’t necessarily about choosing the best but the one that suits your needs and helps you reap optimal and sustainable returns. Selecting a solar inverter brand can be equally time-consuming. You cannot just choose any brand for the sake of it. A solar inverter is a significant investment. Hence, you should stay careful and concerned enough while reviewing various solar inverter brands. Some factors to look for include the brand’s reputation, experience in the solar market, online reviews, offline feedback, and after-sales reputation. All these factors would affect your returns. Hence, it is necessary to invest time and thought while choosing a solar inverter from a credible brand.

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