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Enertech Successfully Installed 110V 100A Parallel Industrial Battery Charger at NEPA Paper Mill

Are you a paper mill floundering with a power supply, which, in turn, is hampering your productivity and overall market competence?

As a modern organization, we resonate with your challenges and understand that, as manufacturers, you need a perpetual and trustworthy power supply to keep up with your production needs. 

If you’ve been looking for a solution to your challenges, EnerTech, one of India’s trusted industrial battery charger manufacturers, is here to help you.

We’ve helped turn things around for one of India’s largest and oldest paper mills with our 110V 100A Parallel Industrial Battery Charger. Here’s more to it.

About NEPA and its Power Challenges

Incepted way back in 1947, National Newsprint and Paper Mills Limited (NEPA) is India’s pioneering newsprint manufacturing company. Its production started in 1956 with an installed capacity of 30,000 TPA, which then graduated to 88,000 TPA. The company’s fundamental material includes bamboo and Salai wood, available abundantly across the forest cover around Nepanagar. With a conventional approach until then, NEPA’s challenges included many which directly impacted its production and questioned its competence. Let’s look at some of the most significant ones.

  • Inconsistent Power Supply: The most critical of all of NEPA’s challenges was irregular and unreliable power supply. While impeding production and operations, the inconsistencies also took a toll on the stability of various sensitive equipment and machinery, resulting in massive downtimes. All of it again trickled down to a poor production output. 
  • Battery Draining Issues: The Company’s existing charging system proved inadequate, draining the battery frequently and affecting its lifespan. The result was increased operational costs.
  • Inefficient Charging Infrastructure: NEPA operated with an ancient charging infrastructure that used to fall short of meeting the company’s evolving production needs. Again, that further hindered the company’s production volumes and capabilities.

How Did EnerTech’s 110V 100A Parallel Industrial Battery Charger Make a Difference!

NEPA identified the need for an industrial battery charger to meet its evolving energy requirements and production needs. Accordingly, the entry of EnerTech’s 110V 100A Parallel Industrial Battery Charger proved a breakthrough for the company. Here’s how the charger transformed NEPA’s power scenario.

  • Enhanced Power Stability: The new battery charger provided a stable and consistent power supply. It eliminated conventional disruptions and paved the way for smoother and more seamless equipment operations. It also helped NEPA reduce equipment downtime and improve operational efficiency.
  • Optimized Battery Charging: The charger positively transformed NEPA’s charging process, extending battery lifespan, eliminating the need to change batteries frequently, and fostering cost savings in the long run.
  • Scalable and Adaptable Infrastructure: The battery charger’s parallel charging capability helped NEPA scale its charging infrastructure to meet the evolving and growing production needs.
  • Smart Monitoring and Control: The charger allows smart monitoring and control and provides real-time insights into energy consumption. Thus, the company could make informed data-driven energy decisions to optimize energy use.

Amplifying Savings and Efficiency: How EnerTech Helped Save NEPA Millions?

Inducing something to the existing infrastructure is associated with various objectives. In this case, it was improving power supply, supporting continuous production and reducing costs. Before installing the industrial battery charger, power disruptions and subsequent equipment downtimes and repair costs were common. It also added to operational costs, making production more expensive. On the other hand, frequent battery replacements, increased energy consumption (due to an incompetent charging infrastructure), and the use of DG collaboratively contributed to the company’s overall operational expenses.

However, after installing the industrial battery charger, NEPA observed the below. (Can we give a before and after installation table here for quick view)

  • Improved power stability
  • Minimized operational disruptions
  • Seamless machine operations
  • Reduced downtime and increased productivity
  • Optimized battery charging
  • Increased battery lifespan
  • Reduced battery replacement frequency
  • Increased infrastructure scalability
  • Augmented energy efficiency
  • Lowered utility bills
  • Decreased maintenance frequency and maintenance costs
  • Informed decision-making through real-time monitoring and analytics

A reliable power supply is fundamental to the manufacturing sector. So, if you’ve been experiencing similar concerns, don’t live with them! Connect with EnerTech to install our 110V 100A Parallel Industrial Battery Charger in your ecosystem and optimize the above benefits to stay tuned with and fulfil your market’s production volumes. For more, email us at and learn how our product can transform your power supply situation.


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