50-400 Hz Static Frequency Converter

EnerTech EnerWave 50-60 or 50-400 Hz Static Frequency Converter

EnerTech is a company that specializes in power electronics and energy conversion solutions. A static frequency converter (SFC) is a device that converts electrical power from one frequency to another without using any moving parts. EnerTech’s static frequency converters can find applications in various industries and scenarios.

Why We Need 50-60 Hz or 400Hz Static Frequency Converter ?

The choice of frequency in electrical systems, such as 50-60 Hz or 400 Hz, is based on practical considerations and historical standards. The frequency of an electrical system has several implications for the design, operation, and performance of various devices and equipment. Here are some reasons why different frequencies are used:

  1. Historical Standards: The choice of frequency converter 50 to 60hz is often tied to historical developments and regional standards. Different countries adopted different frequencies in the early days of electrical power distribution.
  2. Transformer Design: The design of transformers, which are crucial components in power distribution, is influenced by the frequency of the electrical system. Higher frequencies, such as 400 Hz, allow for smaller and lighter transformers compared to lower frequencies.
  3. Power Transmission and Distribution: The choice of frequency affects the design of power transmission and distribution systems. The choice of 50 or 60 Hz is often related to regional considerations and the design of existing infrastructure.
  4. Motor Design: The frequency of the power supply affects the design and performance of electric motors. For example, 60 Hz is commonly used in North America, while 50 Hz is prevalent in many other parts of the world.
  5. Consumer Electronics: The frequency of the power supply also affects the design of consumer electronics. Many electronic devices are designed to operate optimally at specific frequencies, and a mismatch can impact their performance.
  6. Aerospace and Military Applications: In aerospace and military applications, especially on aircraft and naval vessels, 400 Hz power systems are commonly used.
  7. Compatibility: Some devices and equipment are designed for specific frequencies.
  8. International Standards: International standards, such as those set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), may influence the choice of frequency in certain industries and regions.

How Does a EnerTech Static Frequency Converter working principal?

Static Frequency Converter working principal

EnerTech static frequency converters operate on the principle of power electronic conversion to change the frequency of an electrical power supply. These converters use semiconductor devices, such as insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), to perform the frequency conversion. Here’s a simplified explanation of the working principle:

  1. Rectification: The input power from the source is usually in the form of AC (alternating current). The first stage of the EnerTech static frequency converter involves rectifying this AC power into direct current (DC). This is typically done using diodes or other rectifying devices.
  2. Intermediate DC Bus: The rectified DC power is then stored in an intermediate DC bus. This bus acts as an energy reservoir for the subsequent stages of the conversion process.
  3. Inversion: The intermediate DC power is then inverted back into AC, but at the desired output frequency. This process involves using power electronic switches (such as IGBTs) to create a synthesized AC waveform from the DC source. The frequency of the output AC waveform is determined by the control system of the static frequency converter.
  4. Output Filtering: The synthesized AC waveform may still contain harmonics and other undesirable components. To ensure a clean and stable output, EnerTech static frequency converters often include filtering components to smooth out the waveform and reduce harmonic distortions.
  5. Control System: EnerTech static frequency converters are equipped with sophisticated control systems that regulate the operation of the power electronic switches. The control system ensures that the output frequency matches the desired frequency and maintains stability. It may also include features such as soft-start capabilities and protection mechanisms.
  6. Output Voltage Regulation: In addition to frequency conversion, EnerTech static frequency converters can also regulate the output voltage. This is crucial to ensure that the connected equipment receives a stable and controlled power supply.
  7. Feedback Mechanism: Many static frequency converters incorporate feedback mechanisms to continuously monitor the output waveform and make real-time adjustments. This feedback loop helps maintain accurate and consistent frequency and voltage levels.
  8. Protection Features: EnerTech static frequency converters often include built-in protection features to safeguard the converter and connected equipment from overloads, short circuits, and other electrical faults.

Why We Need EnerTech Static Frequency Converter?

50/60/400Hz Static Frequency Converter

EnerTech static frequency converters offer several advantages across various applications due to their advanced power electronics technology. Some of the key advantages include:

  1. Mismatched Frequencies: When electrical equipment or systems require a different frequency than the available power source.
  2. International Compatibility: To adapt power supplies for equipment designed to operate at different frequencies, especially in international settings.
  3. Specialized Applications: In industries like aviation, military, and research, where 400 Hz power systems are common due to size and weight considerations.
  4. Precise Frequency Control: For applications demanding accurate and stable output frequencies to ensure the proper functioning of electronic devices.
  5. Efficiency and Reliability: EnerTech converters offer high efficiency, reliability, and advanced features to optimize power conversion in various settings.
  6. Customization: EnerTech converters can be tailored to specific requirements, making them versatile solutions for diverse frequency conversion needs.

Features of EnerTech Static Frequency Converter

  • Digitally synthesised perfect sine wave output
  • High frequency stability and output voltage
  • High performance, simplicity and reliability
  • Suitable for unbalance loads, every single phase can be used independently.
  • Multiprocessor digital control, PWM modulation
  • Interface using a display, key, LEDs and serial communication
  • Built in galvanic isolation transformer
  • Can include an auxiliary power supply
  • Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz power supply network.
  • 110VAC,400VAC, 50HZ 60HZ, 400HZ with voltage and frequency Conversion (optional)
  • Single and three phase models, some with phase conversion
  • DSP processor designed with IGBT technology and an in-built Isolation Transformer for Isolated output
  • Suitable to handle reactive loads.
  • Galvanically isolated, low harmonic distortion.
  • Display real-time data: voltage, current, frequency and power.
  • Industrial-grade enclosure IP-20 (Optional up to 51)

Static Frequency Converter Applications

Here are some common application for EnerTech static frequency converters:

  • Aerospace Industry: Providing ground power for aircraft with different frequencies.
  • Maritime Industry: Ensuring ships receive the required frequency at ports.
  • Military Applications: Supplying the correct frequency of power for military equipment.
  • Testing and Research: Offering precise power for testing electronic equipment.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Processes: Adapting power for machinery with varying frequency requirements.
  • Medical Equipment: Providing stable power for medical devices with specific frequency needs.
  • Telecommunication: Ensuring communication equipment operates at the correct frequency.
  • Emergency Backup Systems: Supporting critical facilities during power outages.

installed static frequency converter railway

60-50Hz Static Frequency Converter
50-60Hz Static Frequency Converter
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