Solar Hybrid Inverter for ashram

Green Kitchens: How EnerTech’s Solar Hybrid Inverter Powers Sasthan Ashram

Sasthan/Ashram, a place well known for its devotion and sustainable living, faced significant challenges in power supply to the newly built modular kitchen. This kitchen was an integral requirement to cater to residential and visitors with consistent and reliable power supply, and feeding was a key function for this ashram. However, the ashram was facing with several pain points associated with its power supply and its kitchen. Let’s explore how EnerTech’s Solar Hybrid Inverter provides a power solution.

Before the Installation of Solar Hybrid Inverter: The Pain Points of Power Supply

  • Inconsistent Power Supply: Frequent power outages were causing a delay and loss to the functioning of the kitchen.
  • Overdependence on Diesel Generators (DG): The ashram depended heavily on diesel generators to make up for losses in power supply. This dependence had several disadvantages:
    1. High Operational Costs: The cost of diesel fuel in the kitchen was one of the unbearable financial budgets for the ashram.
    2. Maintenance Issues: Regular diesel generator maintenance was another increasing operational complexity and cost.
    3. Environmental Impact: Diesel generator usage belongs to air pollution and greenhouse gases, which contradicts the ashram’s principle of being a responsible organization with regard to environmental protection.
  • Soaring Electricity Bills: High energy consumption for the kitchen, coupled with the inefficiency of the diesel generators, was driving the electricity bills up.

These issues highlighted the need for a more reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly power solution.

The Solar Solution: EnerTech’s 150KVA 480V 3P Solar Hybrid Inverter

3P Solar Hybrid Inverter

In view of the above challenges, EnerTech proposed the following implementation of a 150KVA 480V 3 phase solar inverter. This advanced system was proposed as an option to interlink solar power with the existing electrical infrastructure as a sustainable solution for the ashram’s power needs. The key components and features of the system are:

  • Load Capacity: The solar hybrid inverter support a load of up to 120KW, which was quite sufficient for the kitchen.
  • Battery Backup: There was a provision for a battery bank capable of supporting a 100KW load for 10 long hours. This would guarantee uninterrupted power supply even in the absence of sunlight or if the grid goes down.

solar battery backup

  • Solar Panels: The installation involved the grid tie connecting 220KW of panels containing 330W polycrystalline modules. Since the panels could easily capture solar power energy, it reduces the need for grid and diesel generators.

solar panels

How EnerTech’s Solar Hybrid Inverter Works

Working of Solar Hybrid Inverter

EnerTech’s solar hybrid inverter is a highly intelligent device designed to offer smart consumption of energy through the utilization of solar power, grid electricity, and batteries. Let’s go deeper to understand how it operates.

Operation During the Day:

  • Solar Generation: Solar panels generate DC electricity from sunlight.
  • Conversion to AC: The solar hybrid inverter converts DC electricity to AC electricity.
  • Power Supply to Load: The converted AC electricity is used to supply power to the ashram’s modular kitchen and other linked loads.
  • Battery Charging: All excess electricity which is generated by solar panels and not used for load is diverted to charge the battery bank.
  • Grid Export: If the batteries are fully charged and still there is excess electricity, the electricity can be given back to the grid and possibly get credits on net metering.

Operation in Evening and Night:

  • Battery Discharge: When the sun goes off, the inverter tends to supply the load from the power stored in the battery bank.
  • Grid Support: If the battery charge depletes and cannot meet the load demand, the solar hybrid system seamlessly switches to draw power from the grid to ensure a continuous power supply.

During Power Outages:

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS): The solar hybrid system will switch to the battery backup in case of a grid power outage. Therefore, there won’t be a power failure notice at the modular kitchen.

Post-Installation: Transformative Outcomes

solar hybrid inverter

The installation of the solar hybrid inverter had the following transformative outcomes for Sasthan/Ashram:

  • Power Reliability: The modular kitchen’s power reliability improved exponentially. Solar energy harnessed with battery backup facilitated operations running nonstop, particularly during grid failure.
  • Less Utilization of Diesel Generators: The reliance on diesel generators was reduced to a great extent. Solar systems gave the room for adequate power supply and hence reduced the frequency and duration of generator utilization. This had several benefits:
  • Cost Savings: Huge savings on diesel and expenditure on generator maintenance.
  • Environment Benefits: Significant reduction of carbon emissions, in line with the ashram’s environmental values.
  • Savings on Electricity Bills: Drastically saved on the electricity bill. The ashram will now produce a significant amount of energy on-site, reducing the need for grid electricity.
  • Operational Efficiency: The operations in the kitchen are more efficient, as the ashram is now able to prepare meals on time without the disruptions caused by power outages or generator failures.

The Mileage: Quantifying the Benefits

The benefits of the solar hybrid inverter installation can be quantified in various ways:

  • Cost Efficiency: The initial investment in the solar system was offset by the long-term savings on diesel fuel, maintenance, and electricity bills. The ashram will be able to see the return on investment in a few years.
  • Environmental Impact: Reduced consumption of diesel and increased utilization of clean solar energy greatly reduced the carbon footprint of the ashram. This step toward sustainability will be a benchmark for other institutions working to reduce their carbon footprints.
  • Energy Independence: The ashram has attained a high degree of energy independence, which significantly reduces its vulnerability to external issues of power supply and diesel fuel price fluctuations.

Summing It Up

The installation of EnerTech’s 150KVA 480V 3P solar hybrid inverter at Sasthan/Ashram’s modular kitchen is a perfect example of how adopting renewable energy solutions can have a significant impact. It’s really cool to see how they’ve addressed the issues of inconsistent power supply, high operational costs, and environmental concerns. By doing so, the ashram has completely transformed its energy landscape.

This project not only highlights the financial and operational advantages of solar power but also shows the ashram’s dedication to sustainability and taking care of the environment. And the best part is, as more institutions follow their lead, the shift towards renewable energy will gain even more momentum, creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for all of us.

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