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Enertech started its operations back in 1990 in order to provide a solution and to resolve the energy related obstacles. It established its manufacturing setup and the services mainly included Solar EPC, AMCs and Training & Development. The company had a deep knowledge of the industry and PCU/ INVERTER which helped in its quick success and extension. It offers detailed EPC solutions with appreciable performances.

With its supremely skilled team; Enertech guarantees timely execution and completion of the solar rooftop EPC projects. Over the past few years, the company has attained expertise in planning, procurement, technology, engineering, execution and commissioning. The Solar Products of Enertech constitutes of Solar Hybrid PCU 1-Phase, Solar Hybrid PCU 3-Phase, MPPT Charge Controllers, Balance Of Systems (ACDB, DCDB, AJB), Remote Monitoring Systems and Grid Tied Inverters.

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A reputed EPC firm should have has the required knowledge, the best industry contacts, and the appropriate vendor leverage to get the projects built in the right time and for an acceptable price. Enertech has a long list of engineers, contractors and vendors at their disposal and guides through the entire implementation process. Enertech pays attention to every detail and assures that the project is completed in the specified time. Site survey, Material Supply and proposal are the preliminary stages of a project and must be done carefully. Their Services guarantee Design & System Engineering, integration and installation of the system and its commissioning on time.

At Enertech, the solar power plant is designed in a way so as to give optimum PV output. A number of tests on the plant are performed to ensure it operates as expected. The supplies are negotiated and sourced at the best feasible terms and conditions. The company manufactures its own Hybrid PCU and has well planned out tie ups with some of the world leaders in Grid tied string inverters for the supplies of the same. It manages contractors to frame the project and assures the highest level in terms of quality within the cost and time deadlines, in compliance with the local regulations.

Powering houses, offices, hospitals or schools with solar energy saves thousands of dollars and it means generating clean, renewable energy to meet the needs of the masses. The conventional sources of energy are becoming increasingly expensive and hence using solar energy reduces the energy bills. Alternative clean energy solutions are affordable and will help in saving the planet for the future. As economies are growing, the need for alternative sources of energy increases.

Installing a solar power system will make us less dependent on the electricity provider. Solar power systems connect very easily to the smart home technologies and anyone can check online the amount of electricity used by them and how much is produced by their system.

There are various schemes launched every now and then by the Government and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy implements them for the betterment of the people. The objectives of these schemes are to achieve energy security by using the available land, rooftops of the paramilitary forces and defence sector for installation of solar plants. These plans further encourage the use of locally manufactured equipments to improve the indigenous production of solar cells.

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