Simple Tips to extend the life of your Inverter Battery


If you’re using an inverter set then I’m sure you’re already seeing its benefits. One challenge you’re probably already facing is your battery backup time not lasting as long as you would really like it to. Although I’d highlighted some tips to maximize your inverter setup in my previous post, this will focus on your battery.

“My inverter battery doesn’t last long anymore” – This is a popular complaint from users of power backup systems.

Here are three (3) to extend the life of your battery.

  1. Disconnect extra load when not in use
  2. Switch to energy-saving appliances
  3. Allowing the power in the battery to drain completely frequently before recharging damages the inverter battery’s cells. This reduces its lifespan.

So, there you go — three simple ways to extend the life span of your battery, standby power, and save some money too!