Energy Storage Systems for Industrial

Features of Energy Storage Systems for Industrial Applications

Solar energy use is on the rise. While that’s good news, the Indian government supporting it through various schemes is an even better one! However, relying merely on solar panels cannot serve the purpose. It won’t reduce the grid dependence of industries with larger energy requirements. Precisely, solar energy storage systems in India come into play here. They help store the energy that solar panels produce for later use. These systems capture the electricity that photovoltaic panels produce and store it in batteries.

However, these solar energy storage solutions have a range of features that make them a game-changer across the industrial realm. Industries with massive energy requirements often stay confronted with high energy costs, inadequate and inconsistent supply, and excessive dependence on the grid.

EnerTech, one of India’s leading manufacturers of energy storage systems (ESS) is aligned with the industrial needs. Here are some industrial application-specific features of EnerTech’s ESSs.

7 Top Features of Solar Energy Storage Systems for the Industrial World

These features make solar energy storage solutions a cornerstone in revolutionizing the industrial energy scenario.

1. High Power and Energy Output

Industrial applications need energy storage solutions that correspond to their energy requirements. It refers to being able to store massive amounts of energy in a relatively small space. EnerTech’s ESSs help industries store a large amount of energy, thus increasing the reliability of energy availability. Additionally, the ESS delivers the high output required during sudden spikes in energy requirements like handling peak loads or starting and operating heavy equipment.

2. Longer Cycle Life

EnerTech’s industrial energy storage systems endure a higher number of charge and discharge cycles without causing significant degradation. Such endurance is imperative to reduce maintenance costs and ensure reliability.

3. Quicker Responses

Industrial setups often encounter situations that require quick system responses to reduce or avoid production or equipment failures and downtimes. Besides, these responses play a critical role in applications like emergency power supply, frequency regulation, and load balancing. Faster responses also ensure that solar energy storage systems work promptly to demand and supply fluctuations.

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4. Remote Monitoring

EnerTech’s energy storage system is equipped with Wi-Fi and GPS-enabled remote monitoring. It helps companies monitor and at the same time, control the system performance in real time via an intuitive mobile application. Thus, the company can stay in complete control of the system’s performance and cater to its energy needs better.

5. Scalability

A company’s energy needs usually tend to grow over time. Accordingly, EnerTech’s solar energy storage system scales seamlessly to accommodate the organization’s growing energy needs. The system features a modular design that allows for more storage capacity as required without making significant changes to the system or related infrastructure.

6. Cost Optimization

The solar energy storage system manufactured by EnerTech also helps companies optimize costs. It enables companies to manage energy costs, backup power supply, peak shaving, power quality, microgrids, and improve energy storage. It is a straightforward plug-and-play solution that saves installation effort, cost, and time. The system also has a meager failure rate. Furthermore, its efficiency also helps reduce operational and maintenance costs.

7. Scheduling

The system also has features, including charge inhibition, programmable time-based schedule, load following, sleep mode, and export control. As mentioned earlier, remote monitoring enables the company’s operator to manage these schedules remotely.


Unlock the secret to increased energy independence and sustainability with EnerTech’s battery energy storage system manufacturers in India. Loaded with numerous features suited to meet industrial applications and energy needs, the energy storage system helps companies expedite their sustainability journey. So, if you are an industry owner struggling with rising energy costs and unreliable energy supply, don’t feel alone! EnerTech is here to help you! Visit our Battery Energy Storage System product page and email us at to learn more about the system and know how our support can make a significant difference.

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