Static Frequency Converter

Top Reasons to Choose Enertech’s Static Frequency Converter

With extensive expertise, decades of experience, and an approach to delivering customer delight with every product, EnerTech has established an unmatched market credibility. The company offers a broad spectrum of products, of which the static frequency converter is one. Enertech’s static frequency converter has been a highly successful product and has earned the company a diverse clientele worldwide. But what is it that drives EnerTech’s static frequency converter’s success? Here are five reasons.

5 Reasons to Choose Enertech’s Static Frequency Converter

While there are many, these five factors prove significant reasons for making EnerTech’s static frequency converter one of the premier market choices.

Static Frequency Converter

1. High Stability

Named EnerWave, EnerTech’s static frequency converter comes integrated with IGBT and combines seamlessly with the DSP microprocessor and PLC control design with an Inbuilt Isolation Transformer that stabilizes the frequency to allow appropriate sensitive equipment operation in events when the supply is insufficiently regulated.

The system converts the input AC power via a sine-wave rectifier to a DC link and then with an AC sine-wave inverter to generate a clean and full sine-wave output at the new frequency and voltage. The static frequency converters are highly flexible when it comes to paralleling with other voltage sources.

2. Excellent Features

In addition to the above, the EnerWave static frequency converter is a feature-rich product with excellent features, including the following.

  • Compatibility with 50Hz and 60Hz power supply networks.
  • 110VAC, 400VAC, 50HZ 60HZ, 400HZ with voltage and frequency conversion (optional).
  • Single and three-phase models – some with phase conversion
  • A DSP-based processor designed with IGBT technology and an Inbuilt Isolation Transformer for an isolated output.
  • Apt for unbalanced loads. Every single phase can be used independently.
  • Well-suited for handling reactive loads.
  • Galvanically isolated, low harmonic distortion.
  • Pure sine wave, sinusoidal output.
  • Display real-time data: Voltage, current frequency, and power.
  • Industrial grade design Enclosure IP-20 (Optional up to 51)

3. High Operating Temperature

The product can operate as low as -20 degrees Celsius and as high as 50 degrees Celsius standard. It also has an internal DC brushless fan.

4. Custom-Built

EnerWave is custom-built with some additional features, including the following.

  • Tight voltage and frequency regulation
  • Active boost topology for low noise
  • Capability of handling reactive loads
  • Fully DSP controlled
  • Industrial grade design
  • Power saving (up to 70 percent)
  • Durable mechanical and electrical parts
  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs

5. 24/7 Technical Support

While being a feature-rich and carefully designed custom-built product, the EnerWave static frequency converter also comes with EnerTech’s reliable, prompt, and accurate 24/7 technical support. The company empathizes with its client’s needs and understands that businesses these days require round-the-clock support to derive optimal value from the products they use. Accordingly, EnerTech provides 24-hour and seven days a week technical support to keep the static frequency converters in top working condition.

EnerTech is more than a product manufacturer; it’s a purpose-driven company with a holistic vision to make the world energy self-sufficient. We’re among the top static frequency converter manufacturer in India. The company leverages the latest technologies to ensure the highest viable levels of competence and complements it with efficient customer support. You now know why you should choose a static frequency converters. However, if you intend to discover more about the product, click to download the brochure or write to