Static Frequency Converters

Exploring the Role and Functionality of Static Frequency Converters for Industrial Applications

Are you a company from the healthcare, aviation, textile, railway or shipping sector looking for a static frequency converters that helps save energy, enhances power quality, and contributes to sustainability? Then, you’ve come to the right place! EnerTech, one of the leading static frequency converter manufacturers in India, is here to serve you with its premium static frequency converter solutions. The converter offers a range of benefits and features that define its trustworthiness and relevance in contemporary industrial applications. Here’s more to it.

What is a Static Frequency Converter?

Static Frequency Converters

Static frequency converters are used to convert one fixed voltage and frequency to another based on an industry’s specific requirements. The word static signifies that these converters do not have any moving parts. Hence, they function more efficiently. In addition, you can even use a static frequency converter to convert a single-phase power supply to a three-phase one based on the specific needs of your industrial application.

How Do Static Frequency Converters Function?

static voltage stabilizer circuit diagram

Refer above static voltage stabilizer circuit diagram, A static frequency converter has a rectifier and an inverter that helps convert the fixed line voltage from AC to DC and DC to AC. It converts the mains voltage (50 Hertz or 60 Hertz, 120V-600V) to a particular DC voltage based on the topology and design options. Thus, the DC becomes the inverter’s supply that converts DC to AC.

Benefits of EnerTech’s Static Frequency Converters

EnerTech’s static frequency converters stems from years of continued research, innovations, and improvements. It is crafted to meet industrial energy needs and dynamics. Here’s how deploying EnerTech’s static frequency converter solutions can benefit you.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency

 energy efficiency

Static frequency converts electrical power from one frequency to another with minimal energy loss. Furthermore, they enable better motor speed and torque control that can help lead to considerable energy savings across different equipment.

  • Custom Variable Frequency Control

static frequency converters control

EnerTech’s static frequency converter enables you to achieve precision control over the output frequency. It enables you to adjust the motor and equipment speed to match the operational needs.

  • Harmonic Reduction

The company’s static frequency converters also have filters to reduce harmonic distortion and enhance power quality. Thus, equipment connected to the converter remains safe and operates securely. Essentially, the ability to minimize harmonic distortion and improve power quality reduces the risk of damage to critical equipment.

  • Enhanced Voltage Regulation

The static frequency converter produces a stable voltage output, supporting the consistent performance of all connected equipment.

  • Environmental Benefits

environmental benefits

As responsible static frequency converter manufacturers in India, EnerTech stays committed to its sustainability objectives. The company’s products echo its approach towards sustainability and the urge to contribute to a greener planet. Its static frequency converters aren’t an exception. While operating quietly and lowering noise levels, the converter enhances power usage efficiency and reduces energy consumption. The result is much lower green house gas emissions.

Features of EnerTech’s Static Frequency Converters

EnerTech’s SunWave is a static frequency converter solutions designed to change conventional electrical energy to virtually any other frequency. It is equipped with a range of features that make it a prudent choice, especially amidst rising energy concerns.

  • Compatibility with both 50Hz and 60Hz power supply network
  • Single and three-phase models (some with phase conversion)
  • DSP-based Processor with IGBT technology and In-Built Isolation Transformer for Isolated output
  • 110VAC,400VAC, 50HZ, 60HZ, 400HZ with voltage and frequency Conversion (optional)
  • Suitability to handle reactive loads
  • Pure sine wave, sinusoidal output
  • Galvanically isolated, low harmonic distortion
  • Display of real-time data: voltage, current, frequency, and power
  • Suitability for unbalanced loads (you can use every single phase independently)
  • Industrial grade design Enclosure IP-20 (Optional up to 51)
  • Tight voltage and frequency regulation
  • Capability of handling reactive loads
  • Up to 70 percent power savings!

Do you want to know more about EnerTech’s static frequency converter solutions? Email to connect with the company’s sales representative to know static frequency converter price or click to download the static frequency converter pdf.

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