Top 5 Benefits of Hybrid Solar Systems for Industrial Use

Manufacturing setups use critical and complex machines that need an efficient, reliable, and uninterrupted power supply. Even a moment or two of power cuts can land the company in a precarious situation. If you are struggling with frequent power outages and unreliable supply, we can understand your pain. However, you cannot address modern issues with conventional solutions. You need something contemporary, smart, and sustainable. EnerTech hybrid solar systems is precisely it.

Enriched with many features and functionalities, it is a transformative choice, empowering various industries. So, let’s explore some Enertech’s benefits of hybrid solar systems, particularly in the industrial context.

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

EnerTech’s hybrid solar inverters optimizes energy use by integrating battery storage, grid power and solar power. During peak sunlight hours, you can use solar energy and store excess energy in batteries during power cuts, overcast weather, or peak demand hours. With that, you reduce grid dependence and save thousands on energy bills in the long run.

Of course, it takes time to realize these savings. However, you must start from somewhere to reach the destination. Click to begin your journey with EnerTech!

2. Higher Energy Reliability

Manufacturing units deal with many complex and critical machines. Some of them need a constant power supply. Even a nanosecond of interruption can wreak havoc! Accordingly, industries need a reliable power supply that ensures continuous operations.

EnerTech’s hybrid solar systems combine multiple energy sources to increase energy security. They switch seamlessly between solar, battery, and grid power to ensure a constant and reliable power supply. Their advanced and industry-friendly mechanisms mitigate the risk of power outages and maintain operational continuity even during grid failures or unstable grid conditions.

3. Improved Demand Management

Energy demands don’t remain constant throughout. They fluctuate at times. These variations cause changes in the grid pressure as well. EnerTech’s solar hybrid systems helps increase grid stability by managing demand and supply more efficiently. It regulates the amount of energy derived from and fed into the grid. Accordingly, it balances the grid load. When the demand is low, it stores excess solar energy in batteries or feeds it back into the grid. And during peak demand, it lets you use the stored energy and reduce grid stress.

4. Seamless Scalability

As your business grows, your energy needs also evolve. Practically, you cannot look for a different or a new solution to meet your increased energy requirements. You need the one that scales seamlessly and stays synced with your needs.

Hybrid solar inverters from EnerTech serve the purpose of offering higher scalability and flexibility. You can integrate them into the existing energy systems and scale them effortlessly.

Scalability also has a commercial advantage. It allows business owners to begin small and scale their renewable energy investment. This way, they can optimize their capital expenditure and augment operational efficiency.

5. Reduced Carbon Footprint

As one of the responsible hybrid solar inverter manufacturers & supplier in India, EnerTech has designed its solar hybrid inverter to deliver sustainable benefits. The inverter helps optimize renewable solar energy use and reduces dependence on fossil fuels. These factors automatically lower a company’s carbon footprint. So, while saving money, and ensuring grid stability and constant power supply, hybrid solar systems also contribute to your sustainability goals in the long run.

Leverage a Predictable Power Supply with EnerTech’s Hybrid Solar Systems in India!

Hybrid Solar Inverter

Ensuring continuous power supply is critical to every industry, no matter its scale of operations. Amidst rising power demands, scarcer power availability, and increasing energy costs, companies need a solution that ensures a stable and uninterrupted energy supply. Installing a solar hybrid inverter is the first step in this regard. The benefits of hybrid solar systems discussed above make it evident why!

At EnerTech, we support the power needs of the extensive industrial horizon with our numerous solar hybrid inverter products. These innovative inverters suit the varying energy supply needs of different industrial setups. Our proven track record, positive customer feedback, and the tangible outcomes they’ve achieved say it all about our credibility. Our products include the following.

  • Batteryless Gridless Solar Hybrid Inverter
  • Batteryless Solar Hybrid Inverter
  • Solar Hybrid Inverter 1Ph: SunMagic
  • Solar Hybrid Inverter 3Ph: REeFI (3 Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter)

Each of the above products is equipped with functionalities that transform energy supply and stability exponentially.

Features of Hybrid Solar Systems

  • Unbalance Load Support: EnerTech’s hybrid inverters are designed to handle industrial unbalanced loads effectively. The feature helps ensure stable and consistent power distribution across every equipment.
  • Critical and Non-Critical Output Support: EnerTech hybrid solar systems differentiate between critical and non-critical loads. This capability helps keep essential equipment operational during power outages or grid failures. It refers to a prioritization that ensure uninterrupted key operations.
  • Zero Changeover Time: Zero-changeover time between the grid and the inverter ensures seamless industrial operations with zero downtime.
  • Inductive and Non-Inductive Load Support: Industries use inductive and non-inductive loads. EnerTech’s hybrid inverters support both, thus proving suitable for diverse industrial applications.
  • Battery or Batteryless Support: Can hybrid solar inverter work without battery? Yes, These batteryless solar hybrid inverters can operate with or without battery storage. Accordingly, industries can choose configurations depending on their energy needs and budgets.
  • Battery Compatibility: The inverters are compatible including lead-acid, lithium-ion, and other battery types. Thus, industries can select the best-suited battery technology for their needs.
  • Time-Based Grid Charging – Demand Control: EnerTech’s hybrid solar systems offer time-based grid charging. Accordingly, industries can control demand and manage energy costs by charging batteries during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower.
  • Peak Shaving – Grid Export Time Setting: The inverter can also help in peak shaving by setting grid export times. It helps reduce the peak demand charges and optimize energy use patterns, results in significant cost savings.
  • Battery Storage Utilization: EnerTech solar hybrid inverters maximize the use of stored energy. By doing that, they ensure industrial operations continue smoothly during grid outages.
  • IoT-Based Remote Monitoring and Control Feature: IoT enables remote monitoring and inverter control. It allows companies to manage and optimize their energy systems remotely, thus improving operational efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Reverse Auto Polarity for Battery and Panel: The reverse auto polarity protection for both batteries and panels helps prevent potential damage and increase system longevity.
  • Smoke Detection: Smoke detection provides an extra protection layer against fire hazards.
  • Various IP Enclosures Available: Different IP (Ingress Protection) enclosures ensure durability amidst diverse industrial environments.
  • Grid Export Enable/Disable Feature: With these inverters, industries can enable or disable grid export whenever they need. It offers better excess energy management control. Furthermore, it helps comply with local regulations and maximize energy use.
  • Grid Synchronization and Auto Control: Seamless grid synchronization and automatic control ensure uninterrupted industrial operations even during grid fluctuations or outages.
  • No Contactor and Relay Design: The inverter eliminates the use of contactors and relays. Such a competent design helps reduce potential points of failure and improve the reliability of the energy system.

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