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Some people use the terms inverter and UPS interchangeably. But there is a visible difference between these appliances. A UPS means Uninterrupted Power Supply. It is installed to keep appliances powered even during blackouts. On the other hand, a solar inverter converts energy output from solar panels (converts AC into DC) into usable electricity.
Solar inverters have two modes – inverter mode and UPS mode. Both provide backup electricity. In the UPS mode, in case of an electricity failure, it instantly switches over. The switching time is negligible. In the inverter mode, switching and supplying power takes place in microseconds.
Yes. You can add solar to UPS systems and yet keep their operations separate from each other. A UPS works as electrical assistance that helps during power failures. It runs for a short time. But that short run is good enough to turn on or protect the equipment or begin a standby power source.
Here are some pointers that can help you choose the right UPS.
The type of UPS you need
Features – number of outlets, OS compatibility, supplementary software, displays, cable filters, noise, fans, user-replaceable batteries.
The size of the UPS
Energy efficiency of the UPS
IoT mode
Choose Enertech’s UPS products. The company’s experts will help you choose the right one for your requirements.
Industrial UPS systems are designed for heavy-duty operations. They are performance tested to a higher degree than their commercial counterparts. Some essential features of an industrial UPS system include, 20+ years of design life
A battery support time range of 60 to 480 minutes
Often dusty and presence of corrosive contaminants
The ambient temperature range is between 15 and 55 degrees Celsius